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  1. any good books on this subject?

    Or video?
  2. Larry Williams book is pretty good:

    "Trade Stocks & Commodities with the Insiders - Secrets of the COT Report"

    I also have a couple of pages on my site with how I analyze the COT report.
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  4. Anybody know what the reporting level is for the COT report?
    The only information I found was from 1997. It might be outdated.
  5. How to import and analyze the COT Report in Excel, credit to Randy Raddatz:
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  7. Thank you,

    Emini S&P500 isn't on that list. Would that be under "other broad based securities"? Says a person can only hold up to 200 contracts? Or hold overnight. That doesn't seem like very many. Commercials buy up more that that I thought.

    I found an old paper on the cftc website that says 600 contracts have to be reported.

    Not sure what they correct one is. .
  8. Position limits are found at:

    Reporting levels are at:

    The S&P has a reporting level of 1,000 contracts. Those are full contracts, so it's 5,000 S&P e-minis (ES).
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