Commitment Of Trader's Report COT - BTC, ETH, etc

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  1. Sprout


    I've never really used COT data for trading futures and recently intrigued about it's usefulness in gleaning market insight.

    For those that find it useful and trading crypto, since crypto is such a distributed market, anyone have useful links for aggregated data?

    Larry William's "Trade Stocks & Commodities with The Insider's" appears to be the bible and is on-deck to read.

    Are there other references that pair well with this book to understand how to interpret this data?
  2. maxinger


    It is outdated.

    Only elderly folks use it without success
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  3. Sprout


    Do you know how to interpret the data?
  4. SunTrader


    Funny you should mention bible, I've got "The Commitments of Traders Bible" by Stephen Briese from years back when I was into COT. Took too much work, back then anyway, to get it to work.

    And the reporting delay lag thing. I've always daytraded so I don't know what I was thinking.
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  5. zghorner


    Book in a nutshell: smart money buys the lows and sells the highs. retails do the opposite of this and lose all of their money.



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  6. %%
    Good points + charts.
    MORE than one right answer; IBD founder made a fortune, bought NYSE seat/ran money/ sells helpful books/newspapers................................................... But with his 555 page book plan he buys 52 week highs[ My comments dont apply to crypto cr*p]:caution::caution:
  7. This idea has been around for a very long time and is pretty dated. That's the general idea but I don't think it's nearly that easy anymore.
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  8. zghorner


    of course, buy low sell high just isn't really helpful advice. this book basically shows that big money buys the dip and sells into the rip. You can use this data as just one piece to your trading puzzle to help with trade confirmation...are the big boys buying? price is likely to go up (but not guaranteed) do your other indicators confirm this notion?
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  9. Overnight


    Cramer just overviewed this recently...

  10. Sprout


    I consider Cramer's content to be cringe.
    This vid was palatable.

    Thank you.
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