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  1. Krunk


    I tried searching for a topic on commissions within the last 3 months but something like 125 topics popped up.

    Is there 1 main topic to look at to compare other shops/retail commissions?

    Reason I'm asking is I'm looking to change places.

    Currently I trade only NYSE stocks and do around 200k-300k shares a day, everyday and pay in the neighborhood of ~$0.0035 per side after all sec fees/etc @ Cybertrader (retail, not prop.). Cybertrader is a great place/platform but I can't scale up in trading there for various reasons.

    Obviously I'm looking for a fast platform with cheaper commissions but can't seem to find a topic in the forum on it.

    Thanks for the help and if this is in the wrong forum don't flame me for being a noob here, it's my first post :)
  2. birdman


    Welcome Krunk,

    You may want to take a look at Genesis, check here

    and again here
    the second thread is specifically on trading listed and the first is comments on "Your experience with Genesis"

    They have both retail and prop divisions so check to see which you are looking at rates / plans. Their site is

    I haven't tried them but they are high on my list and they sound like the best fit for what you are doing.

    I use AmeritradeIzone and will likely go with soon

    If you get to trading big enough blocks, they are a better way to go - course it all depends on how and what you trade ... so many factors.

    Good Trades:)