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    Hey all, been around here for awhile trying to get ideas, but I work full time and just can not trade on my own worth a damn. Anyways what would you all say a good commission rate is. I have seen $70 rd turn. Is this normal. I trade energies and grains. I have only traded futures contracts, but if I get a broker I will be looking at options too, well the broker will seeing as I do not have any knowledge on trading options. Also, any recommendations on a good broker are helpful. TIA and good trading to you all.
  2. if you are doing it yourself (self directed) and doing less than...say 500 r/ts a month, you'll probably be looking to pay around $6.00 per r/t.

    If you are needing full service, I've seen everything from $30 to $75 per r/t. Seems like most of the full service commissions are in the $50-60 per r/t range though.
  3. I use TradeStation and OEC. About the same in price. OEC data is free and so is the software, so if you are looking to keep costs down probably better. They charge $1.29 a side from 0 to 300 contracts all the way down to $0.25 if you are doing enough volume.
  4. 0.04/side is the best I could find; Advantage Futures used to have some great rates for individuals years back.
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    Thanks for the replies. I have been with IB for a few years dabbling. I am looking for a full service broker now. Are there any who will not rip me off.
  6. pretty sure that Advantage is still full service and will not rip you off from my experience.
  7. ditto on this. Advantage is the lowest cost/best service out there imo.