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  1. JimDay


    I was wondering what everone pays for a full service broker.
    My guy is out of Indiana, and wants to charge me $35 round turn.
    I figure if he gives me good advice in the emini dow , thats a great deal. Any one else paying similar for full service?
  2. If your futures broker is good enough to give profitable advice, then why is he a broker and not a successful trader?

    Paying $35 RT for futures is a fast way to empty out your account.

    For example, 5 RTs a day amounts to $175 a day, $875 a week and $45,500 a year. You can't pay that much and expect to make money.
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  4. The only reason I would see paying for a full-service firm, is only if you put on a complicated hedge and need some brain to create it correctly.

    that's same as paying your cleaning lady instead of cleaning yourself.

    But for just advice on how to trade e-mini - bullocks.
    If he was good - he would trade himself..

    Your best bet - make your own trades - find a discount online broker and go for it.