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  1. fortuna


    I am at Bear Stearns

    I pay 2 usd (give up + clearing) per option : 100 options cost 200 usd

    For stocks , I pay 20 usd per 1000 shares

    Is this reasonnable

    Thanks for your feedback

    I am a bit frustrated by the fact that commission is not a percentage. For instance, it costs me proportionnally much more to trade on Lucent than Microsoft
  2. H2O


    Do a search on commissions here on the board.
    I cannot judge your situation but I think you're being a bit overcharged :D

    Example : IB (

    1000 shares $7.50
    Options $1,-
  3. There's two sides to this coin. I'd much rather pay $.01 per share than 0.1% of the stock value. And IF I ever feel the need to trade LU, I just do it through RJT.

    By the way, is definitely what you should be interested in!
  4. I think most brokers charge per share and not percentage of value. Some brokers do charge a flat fee per trade, instead of per share, which could be cheaper for trading large amounts of low-priced stock.

    $2 for options contracts is not bad if there is no base fee. If you are paying $19.95 + $2 per contract for options trades, Interactive Brokers or OptionsXpress would be cheaper.
  5. if you're trading thru RJT, make sure the email conifrmations are enabled. mine became disabled and i was charged $2.50 per trade confirmation, which on a day of 60+trades would amount to over $150 - JUST FOR THE STATEMENT. they must really be hurting for cash to pull this crap!