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Discussion in 'Trading' started by bestfriend, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. What's the best deal I can get for an acct with $1 million+ in equity? Trading volume 1-3mill per month.

    I am looking for the total package and could go prop or retail.
    One of the big issues would be the interest rate differential on long / short positions since I do a lot of market neutral stuff.

    As to leverage, I do some pair trading of stocks from the same issuer--say two classes of common on the same stock.

    I've heard Goldman has a no commish charge deal. Anybody know of it?

    Please feel free to PM me. I know about all the big prop firms and have investigated most fo them so if you represent one of them it is not likely you can improve my present deal.

    Everything from trade support (as in NOT IB) to stovk borrowing list sizes is important.
    I would especially like to hear from those who do not have a financial interest in the putcome of their PM.
  2. With 1mm you should be able to get +100 bps for credit balance and -100 bps for debits easy. Per share costs will reflect added value. Want to pay .01-.005 and have someone at your beckon call and use an agency desk if your PC crashes or local provider craps out? Or want to pay .002 and never get a phone call back and have no outlet in case of emergency? Using your mkt neutral strat you will need maximum stock loan rebates passed on as well. Dont expect that from shill sec llc.

    I never heard of GS having a no comm deal. But thats irrelevent..GS direct wont even call you back with under 100mm. And an IB to them wont ever take that route.