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    What is a fair rate for a trader that does 1 million shares a month ? Per Share Rate. I have been trading for 7 years now. I trade Prop. With 10k down..I know rates have been coming down big time over the last few years. I just want to know what you guys think is a fair rate to pay.

  2. that is a fair rate.. its all about hitting singles, & controlling risk, we are talking sub-pennies, how insanely cheap from the old days.. @ 18.00 per ticket.... we all get carried away in trying to get it a little bit lower, its crazy... its almost free..
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    when i first started i paid 23 bucks a ticket and $75 for 1000 share bullet...but for 2000 share bullet was only $100
  4. actually back in 1993, i paid $150.00 per 1000 shares traded with olde discount brokerage, a different world than today, it was done with brokers back then, thats the old days & that was considered a good comm, if you traded with merrill , $ 300.00 plus . the rates these days are rock bottom, we all get caught up in the rate game... need good setups to make $$
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  7. What about rates for someone starting out, perhaps doing < 500k monthly? What should be the most one should pay for trading at a desk?
  9. hey soso.. really, where you can get 2.00 per thousand on 1 million shares monthly.. .. i don't know of 1 firm that will offer 2.00 per thousand with a 100 % payout.. what firm will offer this comm rate?
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