Commissions are becoming ridiclous

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  1. With prices of shares coming down so much, it cost > 2 times to put on the same position.
  2. One word- Futures.

    Another word- Forex.
  3. maybe try to negotiate lower rates..
  4. Yeah.. commissions suck.

    I trade the treasuries and trade about 500-600 rt per month. Am I getting a good deal at 3.14$ all-inclusive?

    Just wondering if anyone can reco some other broker with cheaper commissions.
  5. Don't forget the increase in SEC fees to bang you out as well.
  6. Commissions are a JOKE!

    Are you guys getting out after 1-2 ticks?!

    That's ridiculous.

    I'll admit over $10 is high, if it's disount biz, but still.

    $3 or $5 or $7. I never understood this.

    WHO are these people who NEED three bucks a trade to be profitable? It's a fine line for some, I guess
  7. Commissions kill.

    Take the treasuries for example, it cost 1.14$ per round in total to place the trade. Anything above that goes to the broker. I pay $3.14 per round turn.

    If I trade 500 round turn a month, a $0.50 discount per round would mean $250 savings a month. $3000 a year. That could pay off rent for a couple of months. I don't care who you are, it all adds up.

    I rather bargin for cheaper commissions and be a tightwad for this somewhat insignificant monies and put those savings into my pocket.

    I'm not thinking about the short game. I want to make this a career.
  8. Gcapman


    You should try prop firm trading. I pay approx 35 cents per 100 shares and trade leveraged ETFs. I trade with Next Level Trading. Check out Gil's blog: Pretty good stuff IMO
  9. Try telling that to a guy moving a million plus shares a day.
  10. My edge isn't enough to trade anything < 10 bucks. A lot of those stocks are now falling into that catagory. (I take liquity)
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