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    I havent traded at a prop firm for a few years. I know they have cut there rates since then. I dont trade that many shares as I mainly focus on forex, what rate should I be paying to trade 200,000-300,000 shares a month.
  2. commissions vary from firm to firm, and also matters if the firm is a broker/dealer, sub llc, or a firm who doesnt mark up commissions but takes a higher payout

    if you trade 200k-300k shares a month you are looking at .004 to .006 range
  3. .004-.006 sounds right assuming $4-6 per 1000?

  4. yep. 1000 shares of "ABC" will cost $4-$6. *$8-$12 round trip.
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    Thanks for your replies.
  6. about $2.5 per 1000 if you are looking for 100% payout
    about $1-1.5 per 1000 if you can do 90%
  7. Those rates are for shit software like Sterling, Laser, etc.

    Good luck getting into or out of positions on volume spikes with those platforms.
  8. what software you use?
  9. yes i use sterling.
  10. Lightspeed is stable most of the time.
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