Commission Negotiations

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by seasideheights, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Can any broker beat 1 cent for the first 500 shares & .005 for all shares past the first 500, with no ECN fees? ...and also give 3%+ interest on uninvested cash?

    I trade about 50k shares a day.

    Do retail brokers offer lower rates for that trade volume than what they publicly announce?
  2. yeah they do, just say your getting the rate that you want at your current broker but you don't like their customer service and looking to switch....i'm getting a lower rate at one of my brokers below their lowest advertised rate
  3. Why don't you just go with "unbundled commissions" at IB?

    At 2,000,000 shares/month listed trading I pay about $0.0033/share...
    Maybe a little less.

    At 1,000,000 shares/month...
    It would probably work out to about $0.0038 to $0.0040/share.

    You'll get the interest you want...
    PLUS interest on your short position which ** no one else will give you **.

    Because I'm always close to 50/50 long/short hedged...
    My interest is actually NET POSITIVE every month.
  4. I want to know if its common to charge someone commision like .003 and on top of that there charging me $1.20 per any and all shares traded
  5. Whatever you negotiate, get it in WRITING!!! I got ripped-off bad after being told I was going to be given certain fees, but was actually given something else. Later the company reclaimed what was not charged on 1900 trades! Sick!