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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by chiba, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. chiba


    Does anyone trade remotely for less then .004/share? I also recieve 20-1 interday and 4-1 overnight. I just want to see if there anything chepaer out there.
  2. dsq


    I trade remote(from bedroom) for 5$ a trade(unlimited i think-at least up to 3000 shares which is what i have traded on a single ticket).My broker is TD izone!!!....they are the secret discount side of ameritrade-really cheap...I dont like their platform so i use
    quotetracker which is fine for me and is free if you have a td account.I rarely have problems.I dont use many of the tools provided by td izone but they give you level 2 and a bunch of other stuff.Whats really good is that i get real time NYSE tick!!!!(actually updates every 10 secs)...$TICK....Thank god i have my tick back!

    I was looking at some fancy prop place and their rates were like 4 or 5$ per thousand shares then you had to pay 100/month for remote priviledges,about 30/month for exchange fees...a bunch of other fees was ridiculous...Im not a fancy mega chart guy so this setup is great for me.

    edit:the margin is only 2-1 overnight,4-1 intraday....however too much margin is a very seductive,dangerous thing you know!
  3. cstfx


    If you do volume, anything is negotiable, whether remote or in the office. Check your monthly volume and see whether or not you are ready to push the issue and negotiate a better deal. (As a reference, unless yu are doing 500k to 1MM, you don't have much of a bargaining position to deal from.)
  4. chiba


    I am doing around 200,000-300,00o shares per month. I apprceciate your input.
  5. chiba


    Thanks for the reply. I need to the 20-1 leveraging with my style of trading.

  6. samus


    ditto... don't know why more don't check out iZone. I'm extremely happy with fills at 5 bucks a pop. I too use QT as my platform with no problems for over a year now.
  7. I can surely beat that exept if you trade 5000 share per month :) give me more detail by PM

    have good trading