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    I came across a broker that I never heard of before at They don't charge any commisions for trading. Is anybody using them, If you are how is they're service?
  2. The concept of "no commissions" is a marketing gimmick.

    Everyone in business has overhead expenses and needs to make $$ somehow. If they offer "no commission", then they likely make theirs by a "larger than market spread" which they charge you.

    Your "cost" to trade is not just "commission"... it's commission + slippage/spread.

    As a general rule... the actual trading costs with a "no commission" broker are greater than others because their spread is so high/wide.
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  3. scataphagos, thanks for the reply. It makes sense.

    I also have a question. I have heard that IB has one of the cheapest commissions. If you have an algo that makes lots of trades, even that $0.005 per share commission adds up and makes a big amount. Are there brokers that charge you a fixed monthly with unlimited trades?
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    Yes flat rate brokers exist for 4/5 dollars a trade up to x shares.
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    They earn from selling order flow. Nothing more, nothing less. And they are heavily backed.

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  6. algofy, can you link a few brokers? obviously I need a fast API with minimum spread. I'm trying to search for it in google but the only thing that I get is garbage ADs.
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    it is the original question with a twist. it is typical of beginners not to ask how efficiently are my orders executed.
  8. Sure, that's exactly what I want to find out. The problem is easy. There is an algo that makes many trades for small profits in backtests. The objective is to:

    1- make sure the execution of the trades is as close to the backtests as possible.

    2- minimize the cost of high number of trades.

    Any information of these subjects will be very helpful.
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    Google direct access broker and you shall find. You will ALWAYS lose out with a broker that sells your order flow or uses internalizers with a strategy such as you mentioned.

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  10. Thanks a lot. That's exactly what I needed. Didn't know what to search for to find relevant information in google. Searching for direct access broker finds the results I wanted to find.
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