Commish rates-Is this about right?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Grandluxe, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. hi guys,

    just found this forum and not sure about the etiquette concerning commission rates here.....
    but I just wanted to solicit your opinions on whether this is a fair deal.
    i got an offer for 3.50 per thousand shares + ECN/SEC fees Etc, my monthly volume is around 700,000-800,000. I think there is a software fee of around 100-200 as well. So does this sound about right, and in line with the market? I am guessing after paying for Ecn's and sec and so will probably come around to 5.50 per thousand shares, so based on my net profit would come to about 60-70% of the gross.
    If anyone has any opinions on this, please feel free to post or msg me.

  2. are you putting down 5k? if so that's an awful deal. you should pay .0035 max and get 100%. man don't take that deal
  3. I should clarify,
    yes i am putting down 5k and getting 100%. what i meant was that my net profit, which is net of commisions would be 60-70%,(by my rough estimates), of the gross Pnl which hasnt had commisions, sec fees, blah blah deducted.

    do u mean that 0.0035 is the max i should pay as a base rate? or one that includes ECn fees as well?
    they have quoted me 0.0035 as well...but thats just the base rate.