Commiserate About what a Difficult Market it is now!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Phantom Trader, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Let's all get together here and gripe and moan. Get it off your chest! It will be therapeutic, cathartic. Maybe if you spend this holiday weekend ranting and venting, by monday you'll be ready to face the game fresh with a more positive mentality. And the springtime should help boost your mood and mental fitness too.

    So let it all out! If we can confine it to this thread, maybe the other threads can continue in their efforts at seeking some positive direction toward the everchanging world of trading.

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    confused frustrated face --> :confused:

    happy satisfied face --> :)

    Charlie Chan jokeshop teeth --> :D

    Remember to apply SPF sunscreen nowadays --> :cool:
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    There! I fell better!
  3. This thread is pathetic. This is why so many traders aren't making money. Everyone is sulking and bitching rather than working 100x harder to find what is working. So instead of bitching and moaning, use the weekend to find the tweak to your strategy that'll make you better.

    Remember, in a weak market, work harder cause the market isn't forgiving, in a good market, play around, cause the market will let you get away with more. But the more you work, the more you make.

    The traders around me who spend their morning and nights working on research and their strategies are still making consistent money.

    This is a job, so treat it that way!!!
  4. The most surefire way to increase profitability is to cut your costs now. Cut out any middlemen. Cut unnecessary expenses, software, clutter. KISS. Cut your commissions and Bullet rates. ANYONE DOING DECENT VOLUME SHOULD BE PAYING LESS THAN .005 ALL IN FOR LISTED AND .015 FOR BULLETS. if not, you should be looking around. Caliber, personally, i'd work hard in both weak and good markets.
  5. amen to that, dude. personally, i haven't been doing shit outsidda market hours, and have had a bit of limpdick when pulling the trigger lately...

    maybe the difference between the guys working hard and me is merely conviction...

    i'll let you know tomorrow. ha!
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  7. I agree, but if you're ever gonna get lazy, this is not the market to do it in. A good market allow evena fool to make money. Look at last July, how many scrub traders roamed around bragging how they were given a god's gift to trade, only to watch all that profit dissapear in the following months. They can't recognize an anomoloy in the market if you paid them too. And god forbid you told them that they made money cause it, they got mad cause you weren't supportive. It wasn't support they needed, they needed to be humbled so they knew what they were info as soons as the panick selling and buying of that month was over. I think they all learned, if not the following two months, definately by now.

    NO WORK, NO MONEY!!!!!
  8. You're right, I gave back the 20 million I made in only 6 months.

    Just kidding.

    Market does blow. Seems to be getting a little better slowly.
  9. :) And anyway, working harder and getting smarter in the bad times makes me even better and stronger for when the good times come again. - I knew there was an upside to difficult markets :D