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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Rushman, May 19, 2001.

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    Just wondering whether any of you do/have subscribed to any of the commercial daytrading chat rooms, like, or, and if so what your experinces are/were? These rooms charge hefty monthly subscription fees; any thoughts on whether they're justified in terms of the product delivered? Thanks.

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    just do a search with these names. There are several threads discussing these and other chat rooms to death.
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    I have subscribed to Ken Calhoun's TTO (Trading The Open), and IMO he is excellent. He tells what stocks to watch, what price to go long or short---in other words, he explains "price-reason" you would buy or sell short: in other words, he holds your hand to buy, sell short and when to sell. If I could get a decent broker, I'd be using real money (not paper trading) right now.
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    I like Calhoun's methods but what I don't like is that he does not take critical inquiry very well. A novice trader asking anything that even resembles questioning of his methods may find himself quickly rebuked and banned. This is my experience, and I found it to be a significant detriment to learning in his room.

    I followed and papertraded with for one month and I am so convinced that I become a member. Not only most of their trades were correct, their education site and their daily classroom are great. I was skeptical at first . I only papertraded big stocks and real trades on small stocks under $10. I made good money on their calls on cheapie BVSN and EPNY last week. I haven't do real trade on big stocks but I note the time and stock prices when they call to buy or to short, Then I followed the stocks with streamlines real quotes from the Executioner. Most of the time they are correct. If they are not correct then I take a stop loss of .20 and jumped out. Free one week trial.
    Here is how I did it. I read all the lessons on their website first to understand their methods. I start to join the chat room about 8 am. We review stocks news and gauge the market futures internal. By 9 am traders received by e-mail stocks to watch. There are expensive stocks and cheap stocks for all budget. I then do research on each of them to get familiar with the stocks fundamentals and charts pattern. I ask questions. Then I papertrade all the calls. I trade only cheap stocks for now. It feels good to have the support of experienced trader.Ken Wolf is excellent in gauging the short term market internal and the direction of the stocks. They have trade class at lunch time where I learn a lot about daytrade. After the market hours I re-read the transcrip of the day and re-evaluate the trades. Good chatroom and the money I made with BVSN and EPNY this week pays the fee for a year.
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    Is Ken Wolff's site?

    Are the trades scalps or swing trades?

    What kind of stops do they use?


  7. TraderRX,

    Yes, is Ken Wolf's chatroom. There are scalp trades, daytrade and swing trade. He teaches us to use stops but the stop limit is up to the trader. My stop is .20 because I'm conservative and newbie. Maybe other traders have large stops. If you want to try his site, it is important that you read the website and watch the video lessons first so you can see his methods of calling top and bottom. I also like the fact that they constantly watch the news during the trading day so I am aware of important news concerning stocks we are trading and the market macro internal. They are very patient. They answer all my newbie questions.
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    Now that you've been trading with them for a couple of months, what's your current assessment?

    TIA, Ron

  9. Hi,
    I like the site. I learn a lot with them. I am able to learn and make some money at the same time. I think for a newbie it is necessary to be in a trading room with experienced traders. It helps avoiding many newbie mistakes i.e picking the wrong stock at the wrong time as you can ask the moderator for second opion of the stock and the market overall condition. I always confirm their calls with my charts so I can learn. Ken watches some stocks like CIEN or JNPR as indicators of the overall market and I find this method is very precise. He calculates the potential of the trades by assessment of the overall market, the stock pattern and the value of the news that drives that particular stock. He only makes calls when the potential is high enough for the trade. It's is safe, conservative and profitable trading system. It's good enough for me.