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  1. If comments made by me today in the chatroom or forum offended anyone, I extend my apology to you.

    In my attempt to draw out and expose someone pretending to be a woman here at E.T. offended anyone, I apologize for the pain it might have caused you, as my efforts were not intended to cause you any harm.

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    Up to the last week or so, I have found your posts to be very humorous. The last few were really disgusting and disturbing.

    So what if someone wants to pretend they are a woman? What if you wanted to pretend to be an elephant? What harm is it?

    As for me, I like to pretend I am a cat.:D

  3. In this case, I will not engage in debate over the danger or harm of someone pretending to be a woman here in the forum.

    I could attempt to give an "explanation" of my feelings on the matter, but I suspect those ideas I would express would be viewed as a "rationalization," and misses the point I am trying to make with this particular thread in the announcement forum, that point being:

    I am sorry if what I wrote offended you or anyone else who was not the immediate focus of my comments. I apologize, I had no intention of causing you or other innocent bystanders harm or discomfort. If someone was injured, I am sorry that my actions indirectly caused you any discomfort.
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    Apology accepted:)
  5. I received a private apology yesterday from someone who had made a questionable reply to me a few months ago on here. It's nice when people are big enough to admit their mistakes and start off fresh.
  6. balda


    while we are at it I want to apologize to Inandlong (moderator).
    I made a comment that I am against war with Iraq. There is nothing personal one third of Americans are against it, and
    He took it very personally. I just want to be clear on this, I will support any decision my president (Bush) will make. I love my country.
  7. Inandlong's taking it personally is his problem. Also, you are not obligated to call someone "your" president if he in fact was never validly elected to the office. In fact, loving your country would demand you to oppose the actions of a fraudulant claimant to the office.

    And now, I too feel I must apologize, for having inserted the dreaded Chit-Chat-sucking issue of politics into this thread, which is about apologies. But, then again, having forced myself to make an apology perhaps makes this post on-topic after all. :)
  8. I really don't get it...

    I thought 777 was the ET joker, we all know that from all his posts. Why the hell would you take his comments personally or seriously???

    It's more about the people who read it than 777's posts...

    Hmmm... I'm confused... 777, how serious are you with all these posts in ET???

    I hope that you don't change... I love your jokes...
  9. Gann, you find "jokes" about incest, rape and child abuse funny???
  10. the guy's in chatroom asking another poster if she likes to s*ck big c**ks... this is sophomoric at best. IF that is what the ET chatroom (or for that matter ET) is going to be about then I'm out of there.... but I don't think it is. And IF this guy 777 is actually "apologizing" without any "prompting" from ET... great! Hat's off. But my view is that someone on ET asked him to apologize or turn in his badge.

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