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  1. This is my post


    I understand your point. But the SEC mandates as an accounting principle that ALL income derived from an account be used to calculate the percentage return from that particular account.

    So my guess is since he does not mark the "interest" as green or red like all his other trades, that he simply shows it so there is no confusion when it is included (as the law says) into his returns."

    So my guess. So my you know what a guess is?

    You beg me to come back, and then you ridicule me for coming back and having the decency to answer you. You better get to bed, the mailroom opens early for you, and you dont want to be fired from your $5.50 an hour job. Go to bed.

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  2. Turok


    >So my guess. So my you
    >know what a guess is?

    I know exactly what your guess is... you guess that he does not mark the interest as red or green [snip]

    I'm still waiting for the evidence to support the "SEC mandate" claim. I'm quickly assuming you can't find it.

    Since you won't keep your promise, I'll sum this up and then I'll let you have the last word (and I CAN keep my promises)

    There is no SEC rule or mandate that says he must include interest income when he posts the returns of his trading account. He is perfectly free to post the results of his trading prowess alone with impunity. No, Short Guy posts interest income along with the results of his trades simply because HE WANTS TO.

    Fine by me as long as he makes it clear.

    Off to bed -- mailroom opens early.

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  3. Hey guys stop arguing. 3 pages of this bickering is an absolute waste of webspace. Say you disagree with the post ONCE and give very detailed reasons why.

    People have intelligence and can figure it out from that.

    There is also an edit button. USE IT! I don't want to read pages and pages of this. If you forgot to say something than edit it into another post. Make a note above saying it was added to later. The majority will see it.


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  4. Mistermark,

    Your comments are somewhat revealing.

    There are two possible explanations:
    1) you genuinely did not realise that TradeRX is a false moderator, given that you only joined a few days ago
    2) you are being sarcastic, full-well knowing that TradeRX is a false moderator ... and in fact YOU are TradeRX, having only joined a few days ago under a new nick

    In either case, please keep personal insults to a minimum.

    I will finish off with three statements:
    1) Welcome to this board if you are a new member, who wishes to inform others of trading issues and learn from others
    2) You have ZERO credibility if you are TradeRX
    3) You will have ZERO credibility if you are a TradeRX wannabee

    Please can you remove the Moderator tag by TradeRX name.
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  5. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    hi guys !

    all your problems are solved.
    Just use the 'ignore list' feature.

    Go to your account [the link is on top of this page somewhere], select 'edit ignore list' link and add anyone you don't want to read the stupid comments.

    that's it, that's all. problem solved, moving on, maybe to talk about trading (?!) :p
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  6. Just wanted to say this. And sorry about the prolonged arguement last night. I got caught up with a few irrational's, and I should know better than trying to debate an irrational person.

    Now only trading stuff...

    Mark (a new member)
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  7. In my humble opinion you guys have way to much time on your hands to carry such a ridicules debate so far. With all this money you guys are making with your various chat rooms, ie the short man and other, shouldn't you be taking you wives or girlfriends to a five star dinner, booking exotic travel plans, writing a book on your new found fortunes, or puting your talents to other use? Look, you both seem like fairly inteligent guys, BUT PLEASE keep the banter to a minimum. What is it with everyone trying to jump all over any statement where they see some abiguity? I have posted only once before with a legitimate post only to untimately get attacked on differing opinions. Of course the conversation quickly got off topic and ended up in the the local garbage pit.

    Which leads me to this point. Really, wouldn't we really be better off kepping positive, intelligent converstaion? Empower our fellow trader versus looking for a comment we can jump all over, just for the sake of throwing around what we perceive is our mental superority, advanced skills, and overall "naa, naa-I am better than you" attitude. The cronic, I'll paste this comment you made on your post and make you look like a fool , like thats such a neat trick.

    Finally, In my opinion, it's okay if someone makes a ridicuous statement, or spams things up, to call him/ her on it. But then that's it, no 5 pages on the subject. Call the dog a dog and go on. If we look for the helpful and intelligent comments and advice this trading community has to offer, we all benefit with advanced information from what is overall, a great group of traders with a wealth of information. I come here looking for tips and links that I may have missed in my last 5 years of trading. It matter's not where they come from, can be a rookie, or a 20 year pro. Look for the good, you just may learn something..

    Good Trading,

    "Wise men never know enough"
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  8. Babak



    when someone doesn't understand the difference between annualized returns and normal returns and because of this
    ignorance calls me a liar and other insults; I stand up and explain (see page 4 of this thread).

    However, I have learned through this and other similar experiences that sometimes it is better to leave some people in their state of ignorance. They are happier and treat others better.

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  9. Babak:

    "Here is my comment re Bill's profitability (trading only):

    In 1999 8.39% [note: half year June start]
    In 2000 18.67%
    In 2001 1.96% (so far)"

    Your 2001 figure is a LIE! And my mother told me that when you catch someone in 1 lie, that he/she very well may have a problem with the truth, to put it mildly.

    hit link and you will see the TRUTH. Or you can't read?

    And just the fact that you mention "Bill" (I'll assume to be Shortboy's name, I can easily conclude that you have had correspondence with him, or have done research on him, and anyone willing to dig like that obviously has an ax to grind. I can't find anywhere on the site where a name is mentioned. So you obviously had something with this guy, leading you to try to trash him here. Shame on you.

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  10. what shortboy has made trading.

    Is it something like $200,000 over 2 years?

    And your trying to tell us that's not good money?

    Shame on you. Jealousy is an ugly emotion.


    jealousy is an ugly emotion
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