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  1. Turok


    >In 1999 8.39% [note: half year June start]
    >In 2000 18.67%
    >In 2001 1.96% (so far)

    Is this true?...and people pay him for his pick and defend his record on this forum?

    Oh my god!!! ROFLMSAO


    >But the SEC mandates as an accounting
    >principle that ALL income derived from
    >an account be used to calculate the
    >percentage return from that particular

    What a crock -- if I want to use my web site to brag about my trading prowess and in the course of said bragging I don't include my "interest prowess", I'm betting I won't be taking any calls from the SEC.
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  2. Babak,

    Complete lies again?

    His return in 1999 was over 20% (and the s&p was up 20% as well). That's a dynamite return for a short seller no matterhow you warp it.

    His 2001 return is now about 8-9% year to date. Or can't you read what it says? Or maybe you can read but don't want to accept the truth. That's a far cry from your figures. Sounds like you have an ax to grind here. So I will let you take your ax, and drop it on your foot, like you have.

    Don't misrepresent facts and figures. The guy has made over $200,000 trading on the site in over 2 years. That's a FACT. He is a great trader, and there's no short selling site like his (showing to me how difficult it is to do what he does). That's a FACT.

    Let's stick to the facts. And I'll be back whenever you bend the facts again.


    p.s. He did do something to earn the interest, he did not have his money "tied" up in stocks. If he's smart enough not to own stocks, then he deserves the interest.
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  3. Turok,

    you say "What a crock -- if I want to use my web site to brag about my trading prowess and in the course of said bragging I don't include my "interest prowess", I'm betting I won't be taking any calls from the SEC."

    Your the joke, talking without any knowledge. Where's the bragging about trading prowess? He trades and they speak for themselves. And they speak to the tune of over $200,000 in trading profits in over 2 years. And interest IS clearly spelled out.

    Why don't you take a second to look before you talk. Did'nt your parents teach you this?

    I'm sure the SEC would be proud of such an honest, forthright site. In the 2 years I've followed him, he has NEVER done anything improper. We need more honest sites like his, and the SEC would agree.

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  4. Babak



    [1] I now realize that I am dealing with someone who does not understand the difference between an annualized return and a true rate of return ; a basic element of finance. And [2] I have no interest in engaging in a dialogue with someone who will use insults rather than intelligence.

    Explanation is as follows: started in June 99 (I pointed this out in my previous post)

    From then on to the end of the year is 6 months. During this time period he made: 8.39% through trading and 11.4% if we add int income to his trading p/l

    Now if we annualize 11.4% we get: 20.4% appx.

    (6mths being half a year we double the return)

    As you can see I did not lie. I stated facts. Every single data that I have mentioned is a fact and from Bill's site.

    To state that made 20.4% is false. He made 20.4% annualized .

    This is the same if I made 1 trade lasting one day in 2000 making 1% return. Would you then go around and say that I made 200% during 2000?

    No that would be false. I made 200% annualized . And as you can see annualized returns are 'warped' because they assume that I will do the same over and over again until the end of the time period in question. In my extreme example, it assumes that I would make 1% per day every single trading day (without compounding).

    Ask anyone who knows basic finance and they will tell you what esteem they hold annalized returns in.


    Go to the pull down menu and check '99 Final

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  5. babak what's your problem? You have an ulterior motive in bashing shortboy on this forum. What is it? Why do you trash him like this with lies? I'm a happy shortboy subscriber he makes me money. enuf said.

    turok i read your post you've been trading about a year and make a whopping couple hundred a day...WOW. I'm impressed! you're definitely in the big league. shortboy's only made a couple hundred GRAND in the last two years. He's no match for you mistermark dont waste your time on these dilettantes.
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  6. Turok


    >Your the joke, talking without any
    >knowledge. it you that wakes up with a knowledgable, $370 per hour business attorney by his side every morning, and sits at a desk next to her as he writes his posts, or would that be me?

    I am in no position to question your knowledge other than through what you write and I suggest you are in the same position.

    >Where's the bragging about
    >trading prowess?

    Slow down killer.

    Did I accuse anyone of bragging? I gave a hypothetical situation of ***MY*** web site and said that if ***I*** bragged about ***MY*** trading prowess I could do so without breaking any SEC rules. I said this would be legal even if ***I*** didn't include interest income.

    It was true when I said it and it's true now. As you are the one arguing that ***MY*** website would be breaking SEC rules, I suggest you run along and fetch the evidence.

    >He trades and they speak for themselves.

    You and I have no quarel regarding his is what it is. I sure that you and Babak will sort it out eventually and I will either be impressed or not (actually, I probably won't care either way).

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  7. Turok


    >turok i read your post you've been trading
    >about a year and make a whopping couple
    >hundred a day...WOW. I'm impressed!

    And your point is. A newbie two hundred dollar a day trader is still able to recognize BS when he sees it and the whole "SEC rule" is just that. Prove me wrong.

    You've never hear me say a single bad word about this short guy. You need to stop being so defensive, it will improve your outlook on life.

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  8. shortnfool,

    You are so correct! And it's great to be talking to another happy subscriber. Funny how there are no "unhappy" suscribers" voicing their opinions here.

    And I will listen to your wisdom, and not waste my time with these 2 posters, who are obviously out to slander, misrepresent, and distort. They are probably sore and upset from looking at shortboy's winning trades ala "executed trades" page, and not participating.

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  9. Babak


    ignorance is bliss

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  10. Turok


    >And I will listen to your wisdom, and not
    >waste my time with these 2 posters

    But wait!!! Come back!!! -- where's that SEC rule.


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