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  1. 88,

    Yes, at M~T I always take my 25 cents and am happy. My stop loss is set at 75 cents...

    My ComfortZone on MT at this time... always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
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  2. tradeRX



    Signed up with just to get some new ideas. His first call was a winner. HELLO! IT'S BANKED!! I love multiple sources of income! ;-)

    Hope he keeps up his winning record.

    Any more info on those other sites you mentioned?


    Are you trading with M-T? If so, how are they doing for you?


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  3. silvius


    After I followed Shortboy for a few months I emailed him to ask him to explain the criteria for selecting his play. His reply to me was "I just use my noggin". I found it risky in the long run to blindy follow someone who was not willing to explain his rationale. I find it more useful to follow sites willing to teach trading techniques.
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  4. Babak



    You have a 25c goal with a 75c stop loss. This automatically means that for you to have a positive expectancy, 75% of your trades need to be profitable. Anything less than that and you lose money.

    Taking into account that some of the best traders in the world do not even get close to 75% profitable trades, don't you think this is a bad idea?

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  5. Babak


    what turned me off is how he insists on adding the interest his cash earns and including it in his trading p/l:

    In 1999 his interest income: 30205 his total income 114105
    So 26% of his profit was not from trading

    In 2000 his interest income: 36136.5 his total income 29479
    So 28% of his profit was not from trading

    In 2001 (so far) int income: 14417 his total income 42760
    So 34% of his profit was not from trading

    The above data is something you will never find pointed out at
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  6. GoodMorningAll....

    AreWeTalkingDildosNow?....or are we hacked by CommiePinkoSocialists?....hehehehe


    M~T.....still making "good' money...

    <Any more info on those other sites you mentioned?>

    Still doing my DD on both sites!!



    Everyone has their own way to trade or follow a site...

    I don't care how Shorty makes his picks...and I am really not interested in learning anything ......

    Someone once said.."SHOW ME THE M~O~N~E~Y!"




    As to your Question....NO!

    Here is why..
    Just because I punch out at .25 cents does not mean I wait for the pick to hit my goal ....I only hit my .25 cents if the pick goes higher ...if M~T is out at .26 cents plus, I am already out!
    Same for my stop loss....I don't always wait for a .75 cent loss...

    Those are just my top and bottom comfort zones.

    Most of M~T's trades are Profitable...90%+.....even if they are only pennies,nickels,dimes or quarters....

    As I said ...I'mHappy!

    As far as ShortBoy adding the interest back in...he says he does on his site. If YOU don't like it ...don't add it back in...

    So in REALITY Shorty only made:

    74% profit in 1999
    72% profit in 2000
    66% profit YTD

    Can YOU name a Company with those profits?

    If you can, I would like to either invest in them or trade at their site too... always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky

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  7. Silvius,

    As a very satisfied subscriber, I could not disagree with you more. Shortboy has an entire University to help beginners. And, whenever I email him with a question he has been very gracious and very quick to respond. And all this happened before I became a member.

    Hey, why would he explain to YOU his system anyway?? What does he owe YOU? Listen to the Rock when he says:, "I don't care how Shorty makes his picks...and I am really not interested in learning anything ......

    Someone once said.."SHOW ME THE M~O~N~E~Y!"




    What is YOUR problem?? You complaining about a site that, by your own admission, has made good money since day one. A nice profit in 1999 (any other short sellers can say the same thing?), and a nice profit in 2000, and so far in 2001. He makes money at every interval you describe. And this interest thing of yours, where you fib and say that you won't find it anywhere on the site. What a lie!! Just look at

    he describes "interest" as "interest". So what's your problem? Jealousy? Its like looking at Microsoft and saying " yeah, they're not doing so great this year"

    Hello? Anyone home? It's the big picture that counts.


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  8. Babak



    if you had read my post you would discover that my point is that he adds int to his trading p/l and then presents both as his trading p/l

    I do not 'fib'. The info that I calculated (percentage of p/l from NON trading) is not to be found on

    As I've always said, I have nothing against Bill. This is not personal. Please refrain from insults. I've simply stated facts. Nothing more.


    you also misunderstood my post. Shortboy did not make 74%, 72%, etc. as you mention in those years.

    The correct way to interpret it is to say that in 1999 made 74% of his profit from trading and 26% from simply earning interest. In fact his trading profit in 1999 was 8.39% a far cry from 74%.

    But....he does not say this on his site. He presents his % return in 1999 as 11.4% which includes int income.

    Some might say that to point out this difference is nitpicking. To me it is the difference between manipulation and integrity.

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  9. Babak,

    I understand your point. But the SEC mandates as an accounting principle that ALL income derived from an account be used to calculate the percentage return from that particular account.

    So my guess is since he does not mark the "interest" as green or red like all his other trades, that he simply shows it so there is no confusion when it is included (as the law says) into his returns.

    You have not commented on the fact that throughout every interval which you describe, Shortboy has made good money. I think that is the main point of the site that interests me, and probably his other subscribers.

    It's all about the winnings, or I'd be here crucifying him right here, right now. But how can you crucify someone who has consistently profited, just like he says on his cover page. Shorty is the man, and I love him (as long as the winning trades keep up).


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  10. Babak


    Here is my comment re Bill's profitability (trading only):

    In 1999 8.39% [note: half year June start]
    In 2000 18.67%
    In 2001 1.96% (so far)

    I guess "good money" as you call it is in the eye of the beholder. I look at the above because it is the result of his trading prowess (or lack thereof). Considering that 2000 was probably the best year to be a short in a long, long time, it is up to you whether to call it "good money".

    If we give him his interest income (for which he does nothing) his performance is this:

    1999 11.4%
    2000 25.9%
    2001 4.5% (so far)

    re SEC rules. Yes I agree. He is compliant. I never claimed that he was not. My point is that integrity demands that he furnish the facts that I point out.

    People pay him for performance. Trading performance. He has a duty to present his trading performance acurately. Otherwise, compliant or not, it is misleading.

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