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    Good to hear from you again. :cool: How's Waxie and M-T doing for you these days?
  2. Hi..RX


    Waxie...I have not been following him too much as of late...I still get ALL his E~mails & read them and have come to think that he is going in the WRONG direction.

    ...I think both Waxie and Tiny are GreatTraders and have super results but will end up with too many members. Great for them....bad for me!

    Plus, Waxie (himself) did not answer my E~mail to him but let Laure respond instead.



    They are still doing great but last week on 4 days I only broke you might know, I take my profits on ALL trades at .25 cents ...longs@shorts.

    Look at:

    ....after he went to a PaySite, he had a fantastic run..
    I took all my profits, per trade, with Shorty at $2.00!!

    Shorty is a good site and not that expensive... always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
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    I'll look into Shortboy...and the others you've mentioned. I'm always on the lookout for more profits and market insight. Let's hope things get better in Sept.

    Take care.


  4. Rock,

    I subscribe to as well, and his streak in since going to a paysite was awesome! You're right!

    My question to you is, do these other sites you mention have the same simplicity of shortboy?

    Which of the sites rates the best (to you) in terms of overall performance?

    Thnaks, Mark
  5. Mark,

    I still like them all...

    Waxie...I just don't like the direction his site is taking.

    M~T...four even days what!...they still have done GreatForMe!

    Both the NEW sites, that I posted, seem to be as easy to use as Shorty.

    GottaLoveThis.....only 1 or 2 trades per month and look at his TradeProfits.. always,

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
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    Checked out shortboy but since we can only guess why we're in the trade....

    What kind of stops does he recommend (if any)?

    Does he call the sells too?

    How long on average are you in his shorts? 8-D Overnight? A week? A month?


  7. RX,

    He makes the call the day(night) before the trade:

    He posts....Sell/Cover/StopLoss...

    BTW...if the sell is not hit by's dumped!

    Ofcourse you can cover or set your stop loss to your comfort zone....I DO!!!

    Most trades are 1 or 2 days... always

    GoodInvesting, Rocky
  8. Rock

    In playing M-T's calls, do you ALWAYS take .25 for each trade? What would your stop loss be?

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