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  1. I am looking for a day trading firm to trade with remotely. I live in Canada so my options are a bit limited. I have narrowed it down to these two companies. I have talked to each one and they both seem good and everything seems to check out.

    What I am hoping is to talk to some traders who has or still is currently trading with one of these companies so that I can get a candid, less biased opinion. Any helpful comment will be appreciated.

    Thank you and I look forward to any replies....hopefully.

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    Please do not lump Paramount with JC Trading Group. Paramount is an unregistered entity that has a TERRIBLE reputation on these boards. JC trades through a CBSX Broker Dealer and has a very good reputation. Try the "search" function.

  3. why not join a Canadian firm? Dead cheap commissions and alot of successful traders with the Canadian firms.

    both the ones you mentioned offer nothing special. higher then average commissions, no overnight leverage, 1 yr lock ups, basic platforms,
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    I visited Paramount and met up w/ Peter in the morning before the opening in a conference room. I wasn't allowed to watch them trade, and I saw only about 3 other traders trading. I got a brief look into the room when Peter opened the door. Anyways I didn't get a good feeling b/c they weren't totally open about allowing me to see them trade. But its 3k for risk deposit.
  5. Try Bright
  6. Been trading with JC Trading Group for almost 2 years. Best customer support of any firm I have traded with. Choice of the top 3 platforms available and very competitive rates.


    Just my 2 cents:

    I did call JC Trading about 5-6 months ago when I was shopping around. When they sent me the contract for me to sign, it was not with JC or Oceanview, it was with a third company called Mercury. I called JC and asked them about this third company and also asked them about the managing directors of Oceanview and their involvement with JC. Well, as soon as I started asking those questions they completely changed their attitude and basically told me they were not going to answer them......

    After what happened with VCM/TT I had to do a proper research, and found it very weird that they couldn't even tell me what the third company involved (in the contract) was about.....

    Obviously, I never sent them any money.

    If you are considering joining JC Trading, please read the contract carefully and ask any questions about any doubt you might have in terms of which company will handle your deposit.
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    How many times you got to post the same bullshit in different threads on this board? And yes, I said bullshit to your claim because I too have a copy of the contract in my files from Feb contact.
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    Why doesn't JC have a rep posting here? They are a paying sponsor and I'm sure they could clear things up instead of these random posters.
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    If you have a contract, let me ask what company is it listed in there?

    Is it JC Trading?

    Is it Oceanview?

    Is it Mercury?

    I have a contract from April, and "Mercury" is the name of the company listed on it.

    Everybody is free to choose its prop firm of preference. I have never stated that JC Trading is a fraud or scam. I just pointed out that I was not comfortable with them when they couldn't answer a few simple questions I had about the involvement of the 2 other companies (Mercury and Oceanview) with JC.

    That's it. If your contract only lists JC Trading then it is fine.
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