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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Joryan, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Joryan


    Hi all,

    Just found this trading school and plan to take one of their courses. Before I plonk down $2k, anyone has any positive/negative experience to share about this school?

    (I'm totally not related to the school)
  2. skeptic123

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    Last summer I signed up with them to take their free direct access workshop in NYC. I signed up through the internet, a month in advance and received email confirmation.

    On the day of the workshop right before I was leaving home I called them and was told that the workshop had been canceled.

    They had my phone, email and home address and they did not bother to inform me that the workshop had been canceled. I am in NJ so I would have wasted hours commuting to and from NYC, not to mention cost associated with it. How much more irresponsible could they be.

    They do not hesitate to email me their junk analisys on a daily basis though.
  3. bobcathy1

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    2k is a little steep. How many weeks is the school for?
    And who is giving it?

    Most of these online classes are expensive rubbish. It is hard to spot the snake oil salesmen sometimes. I am sure there are less expensive alternatives that will work for you. Basically it is all the same stuff anyway. I made a study of as many authors as I could get a hold of, and I will tell you after a while they all have the same basic methods.

    I have a cheapie for you. Check out Strategy Trading and look under Chimp Charts today. Also check out The Surf Report under Journals. And Tampa's Short Skirt Trades. We can all give you some great ideas and it is FREE.
  4. I know someone who teaches some of their "advanced classes" and based on his real trading I would save your money. Over the last year or more I have never seen him make money. I have also heard stories about some of the other traders there thru him. I am guessing though that it is the same thing for many of the classes or fiirms that provide training. For the most part those that make decent money do not spend hours training people. Probably most of what you would learn could be self taught by picking up a few good books on tech analysis. Also don't fall into the Level 2 training hype (if that still goes on).
  5. nkhoi


    just to be clear, also go by 'OTA' acronym not 'DTU' or 'DTI'.
  6. EricP


    I actually thought that they had gone out of business 18 months ago... They cut at least 80% of their staff, eliminating their best teacher, IMO, in Toni Turner.

    I agree with the other comments to save your money.

  7. Joryan



    Thanks for your advise.

    I've been reading about your chimp method. Is this what you learn from Don Miller?