comments on fills on nyse hybrid this week

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by joeyata1, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. i've noticed you can actually get the arca liquidity rebate going in and bang out on sdot with no problem on the fat stocks. i just can't believe it will continue
  2. is this through interactive joeyata
  3. how many times a day you tradin hoss? how much volume ya doin?
  4. you scalpin for pennies or what?
  5. lescor


    but if you match nyse with arca, you won't get filled on arca. At least that's what i've noticed with limited test trades.
  6. ig0r


    You'll get filled on the orders routed to arca...
  7. I think you get the liquidity rebates on arca for listed now but you can't superdot an arca until hybrid goes live? At least thats what I've been told. Anyone seeing anything different?

  8. FYI

    The hybrid availability tommorow (the 6th) will NOT be full NYSE.

    Just two stocks. The rest are due through December.
  9. Those 2 stocks that will kick off the hybrid tomorrow (Friday) are going to be AXP and EOP - enjoy:)
  10. rjv27


    ..but you still have to pay commision (base rate) on the trade, right???
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