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    The final Gold version of eSignal 7.3 is now available!

    Now has Pop-out windows (great for multiple monitors) that can float on any part of your desktop outside the program frame. A very unique feature I have never seen on any other program.

    Also NYSE Openbook, Regional Options, Nasdaq SuperMontage, and ECN books in the Market Depth window.

    The new Quoteboard window which was requested from many futures traders.

    This version supports integrated trading with IB, MB, Cybertrader, and OptionsXpress.

    Find out more here:

    Get it here:

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    Chuck_T eSignal

  3. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    With 7.3 released, we are fast working on the next releases of eSignal - 7.4 & 8.0.

    We are planning on adding the CME & CBT books into the Market Depth window in 7.4. Also from our sister company Comstock we will be adding more international exchanges - for 7.4 you will see:

    Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
    Sydney Futures (SFE)
    New Zealand Futures (NZFE)
    New Zealand Stocks (NZSE)
    Singapore Stock Exchange (SES)
    Hong Kong Stocks (HKSE)
    Hong Kong Futures (HKFE)
    Hong Kong Metals Exchange (HKME)
    Italian Futures (IDEM)

    8.0 will include more exchanges from Asia plus Latin America.

  4. paradox


    When is 7.4 slated to come out?
    Any ideas yet on what the pricing for these additional exchanges will be?
  5. i read something about esignal changing to a different Eurex data provider.. will that also happen in 7.4?

  6. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Not sure on the exchange fees for each, once I know I'll post.

    Looking for a July release on 7.4.

  7. Chuck_T

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    That may happen sooner, like early June. Our company runs multiple ticker plants and we will be switching from one to another on Eurex and Liffe which we think will be faster.

  8. When are the new quote window features slated to be released?

    for example... EFS inside the quote window ??

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    Chuck_T eSignal

    The new quote window will probably be in 8.0 in the fall.

    We will have a new feature so the customers can customize the order execution window for integrated brokers. More integrated brokers will be announced in the future as part of 7.4.

    Also a new ActiveX tool for getting access to the quotes, ticks and histories for customized programing.

    There will be an early version available of 7.4 in a couple of weeks.

  10. According to eSignal all intraday data was lost prior to February 2003! So, the one year of intraday data will not be available for until recollected.

    Can't you obtain this from your sister company Comstock and add to your servers....yeah, big job, but you need to do that and get this long overdue data source online.

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