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    "The question before the domestic U.S. beef industry is a determination of the impact and implications of the Coronavirus on our business. China is becoming more isolated amid the outbreak -- holding forth the possibility of disrupting worldwide supply chains. Much of global trade will continue with China especially food products. Some will not -- like tourism. Tourists are also a large consumer of U.S. beef in high dollar Chinese restaurants.

    Most agricultural products ship by sea and very few people are involved. In China food distribution will be a high priority and will continue because people must eat. We will monitor the progress on Phase I of the trade agreement and no doubt there will be changing patterns in purchases but most of the needs of Chinese consumers will be met. Certainly some stores in affected areas will close temporarily and the Chinese stock market was off 8% but evidence is present that this virus is not as deadly as the SARS virus of decades ago.

    Packers purchased live cattle last week mostly at $122 with a few at $123. Dressed prices were mostly at $195. Volumes of sales for the week were not large and packers will enter this week with barely adequate inventories. This past week represents the first week in many weeks of a price decline. Packers have widened their margins. With the April futures contract now lower than February, cattle owners are expected to push cattle to market. This past week slaughter volume at 637,000 head was well above last year..."
  2. The market is still at 52 week high so wars, disease and even interest of 10% won't crash this market..okay I know what will. it's when companies start going bankrupt and shares are worthless that will effect the market..imagine a big company like amazon go bankrupt or google has problems or boeing going bankrupt. the country or society has stored a lot of wealth in these 'shares' intangible assets. that is call evaporation of wealth.

    or do you trust storing your wealth on USD or paper currencies. in Germany in the 1930's ..The German currency became worthless which led to radical nationalism. it's when people start losing money that the market crashes and realize nobody wants to own or buy your peices of digits or owning digits in the computer and see the value keep falling.

    I don't see any effect on the market except in China. which just lost 10% from a problem.

    I mean this disease or virus can happen in any country.

    The market is racket and scam like the BITCOIN BTS BS market. okay. it's a ponzi scheme, and fed by the central bank using the people's money transferring to billionaires who don't need the money. and a rigged casino too. trading is nothing but gambling. and rigged. the markets are rigged and manipulated by powers to be. oil is now a disease product in this generation. 100 years ago oil and gasoline was a 'worthless' commodity. As for shares,,shares are intangible products. it's value is based on the if the company goes bankrupt your shares are amount of fed injection will save your worthless shares if the company goes bankrupt.. Why the gov't feed the beast of the market or allow these Bitcoin BS markets to exist is beyond me. These people have lots of connnections to the regulators or the 'govt' the people is the gov't. and people in America is now living in authoritarian fascist military state...the gov't controls the markets now...

    it's crazy that China gov't is injecting money in their market? the market is BS anyways. .it's not an open market exchange. pricses are fixed and the scam OTC penny stocks. as for oil and other commodities it's less rigged and more about whether and supply and demand.

    commmodities at cheap prices is actual a 'good' thing from a economic perspective lots of wealth at cheap prices. gas prices are cheap. it's when prices are high for things people need that problems occurr.

    as for the 'stock market' it's a ponzi scheme. meaning prices are not based on supply or demand or and fundamental evaluations. it's rigged and controlled.
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  3. The market isn't even down 5% from an all time high overbought , overhyped market and people are worried?
    and start crying to the Fed and Price protection to support this market.
    the market is being proppped up or inflated by the wall street racket who wants money coming in. When prices fall. people don't buy stocks and less money coming in.
    less money coming in. wall street needs 20 billion per year to pay the fees etc. most of the money is in management fees not commissions in the peanut flea market exchanges.

    as for the OTC scam exchanges it's mainly exist ofr money laundering and tax purposes for these investors or shell companis..there is no investment opportunities. in wall street. all these ETF are useless and 100 ETF are derived from the ES futures or NQ futures. they don't any stock. they own the derivaties.
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    @butterflymarket That's a lot of talk about something unrelated to cattle.

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  5. This virus must be SERIOUS,,,entire cities under quarantine,,it slow demand...
    it's a deadly a virus that spread like a common flu

    you should be afraid and rightly so!

    The black death killed half the pop. of Europe okay...and people question the existence of God. or was the punishment from the Gods who brought disease.

    the black death just ended from some reason. the disease came and grim reaper. nobody know why the black death ended.
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    Ran out of people to infect, can't live for long in dead bodies and about 50% survived, so the 50% left had it but didn't die pretty much.

    This could kill 50% area it seems untreated, as there is a 50% hospitalization rate and I'd imagine without hospital care most of those would die, so it swamps health care in your country 40%-50% fatality rate.

    Thankfully good at treating @2.1% ( Claimed ), but got to keep the infection rate to a manageable level, or you get it, your on your own.
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    Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I repost only what the agcenter posts. :-\ The author is obviously talking not about prices of the future, but something else regarding dressed or box prices.
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    It went down last week, may do so next week, and the week after that. And vistey verstey too. Just wanted to see a picture of a cow amidst the posts. All good. Hell, if i knew where cows were going, i'd tell you fer sure pardner.
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    You posted a picture of a cow, and a clip from "Network", because you wanted to see cows? Man, you are out there! And I thought my mirror was funny looking!

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