Commentary on Silver?

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  1. Does anyone have any good links that discuss Silver in a neutral and balanced perspective? Not the silver and gold bugs who scream that the world is ending, and $100 silver is around the corner. I also don't want perma - bear commentary. Doesn't anyone cover Silver and Gold in a balanced manner?
  2. Kitco is not exactly what I'd call balanced.
  3. seems like whenever some of those silver bugs get

    wildly bullish on silver ... its time to sell or at least not buy anymore

    come on now .... $100 silver ?

    yes ... kitco usually is pro - gold /silver

    the bulliondesk has more balanced commentary

    ( interesting to see that even the "experts" were fooled
    as to how high silver could go this yr ) 2006/forecast2006_silver.htm

  4. haha, i have made some good gains on the equities by following the gold bug boards. When you see the words "to the moon" you sell. When everyone is grumpy and its all flame wars you buy. :)
    the only real balanced commentary i think you will find is to follow the commitment of traders report and try to get a feel for what the commercial players are doing.
  5. I ususally watch the US dollar index and the oil market...

    and the guy in Iran that is 3 bricks short of a full load

    this guy is doing a reasonable job of compiling data on metals

    and he has a M3 money supply charts that is cobbled together from some regional Fed. #s

    with silver, you need to draw your on conclusions since there is bullish and bearish BS all over the net

    an opinion of course
  6. one other note: if zinc prices triple no one notices....but if silver or gold goes up 20%, it's the end of civilization

    now who made the most money?
  7. Just curious Ivan, are you trading silver off Oanda?

    The spread is bad enough on ecbot's ZI/YI -- have you ever compared quotes side by side with what's executable on your platform?
  8. Illiquid,

    Yes, I trade it off of Oanda. As you know, I trade as a hobby. I work as an executive for a large pharma company. My trading knowledge is gained from what I've read and what I feel comfortable in doing - experience. I know there are better ways to trade. I've been told futures in the FX market make more sense with an account my size, and I know there are better ways to play gold and silver. But I feel comfy doing what I do, and don't have the time to play with something I understand very little. That's why I use Oanda.
  9. Excellent site, daddyeaux. The one chart, however, that made me laugh is the "Fear/Greed" index. Any idea how that is calculated?
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