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  1. Had he not been in Iraq in the first place, he would have been enjoying the rest of his life for another expected 60 years.

    To lose his own life for what? For his comrade-in-arms? No. If Iraq war is unnecessary, his comrade-in-arms would not be in such a situation.

    For a posthumous medal? Maybe. But I don't see how he could enjoy the medal.

    For Halliburton's share holders like Mr. Cheney? Probably. But I don't see any
    Halliburton's share holders would even know his sacrifice, let alone appreciate.
  2. I have a question for you. Do you think the Shia suicide bombers who strap explosives to their body and murder Sunni children (because they don't like their parents' Sunni interpretation if Islam ) are brave or cowardly?

    Don't jump to conclusions about what I think, just answer the question.
  3. Yannis


    Do you believe that Saddam was a good guy just doing his job terrorizing the neighborhood, torturing and killing hundreds of thousands of his people? Isn't a free, democratic, and peaceful Iraq a good objective? Don't you care about that?
  4. cowardly.

    Those suicide bombers don't respect innocent people's lives. They need to be shot on the spot. Or they can blow up themselves without hurting any other people.

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    Helping those in need is always everybody's business.

    We did what we did based on the best information that was available to us, eg, from the UN, the CIA, the British Intelligence, Saddam's terrible history, and, admittedly, our own paranoia after the 9/11 event. I personally am against all wars, but, I believe that this was no less, or worse, information that we had when we entered other wars, believing that we act to defend our country and/or our allies.
  6. Isn't the Saudi King more tyrannical than Saddam?

    Don't forget among the 19 hijackers on 9/11/2001, 18 were from Saudi Arabia.

    Should U.S. invade Saudi Arabia first?
    Isn't a free, democratic, and peaceful Saudi Arabia
    a good objective? Don't you care about

    Isn't Kim Jong Il more tyrannical than Saddam?

    Should U.S. remove Kim Jong Il first?
    Isn't a free, democratic, and peaceful North Korea
    a good objective? Don't you care about

    Let me tell you, it is not worth hundreds of human lives(if not thousands) to remove a tyrant. If you don't like tyrants, let it be. Will you risk your own life to free those countries? If you are not willing to sacrifice your own life, why instgate others to risk their lives?

    Life is once for everyone. Don't be fooled by your government or anyone to sacrifice yours for their benefits.

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    I'm not the one who's calling priorities, our elected Government believes that they chose right. North Korea is a big problem too, but, apparently, not so pressing. Iran may come first. Wrt Saudi Arabia, they have a cruel system but the vast majority of their people seem able and willing to deal with it and prosper under it - it is not unpredictable and capricious, just very, very austere.

    Now, whether it's worth American lives to remove a tyrant, I can't answer because I'm always against war. But, I also believe that an American life is not worth more than an Iraqi life, or an Iranian, Israeli or Kenyan life. If there's something we can do to help the troubled parts of this world, we should do it, hopefully through peaceful means.

    I also do believe that, unfortunately, we, Americans, tend to be more warlike than we should be, although, most of the time, it is our desire to help others that gets us in trouble.

    Clinton fought in Kosovo - why? Bush senior led the first Iraq war - same reason. Now, Hillary, who voted for this war, says that she doesn't support it - nonsense, THAT's a bigger lie, imo.
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    Our Armed Forces are composed of volunteers - why do people enlist? My son doesn't want to go in that direction, thank God. Many members of the police get killed every year too, and he doesn't want to be a policeman either. But, deep down, imo, our Armed Forces and Police groups have a very similar charter and mentality - many Americans want to fight to keep this country strong, or so they believe, and I respect that.
  9. Great. Let's set aside for a moment the fact that when I asked you this question in another thread, you said the suicide bombers were not at fault because the American's are creating 'fear' (I'm still not sure how 'fear' translates into 'Hmmm... I'm afraid, I think I'll strap some TNT to my body and blow up some innocent Sunni kids', but let's leave that alone as well. Let's leave all those contradictions alone for a moment).

    Since the vast majority of Muslims in Iraq are being killed by other Muslims in the name of religious difference, why aren't you on an Islamic website calling for the end of suicide killing in Islam? Is it because of 'fear'? Now that would be real 'fear'. I would be afraid to do that too, because they might kill me.
  10. Unless people are mentally challenged, no one would believe the propaganda - "desire to help others".

    Anyone with an average IQ can see it through. It is all about U.S. interests, of course under the disguise of good intention.

    I can understand that. But do you know why Americans are more disliked across the world than ever before? Do you really believe because other people around the global just envy Americans' freedom? Wealth?

    Aren't these Americans' senseless wars contributed to this trend?

    Like it or not, Rev. Wright got most of this part right. "America is chickens coming home to roost"

    The more Iraqis you kill, the more hatred you sowed. Hatred begets hatred.

    Sow love not hatred.

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