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    Dear all trader,
    I need your comment on this option seminar

    Once I knew Dr Clemen Chang was invited to CNBC board casting, and he even has ran the first option championship sponsored by CBOE, NSYE Arca, dll

    His seminar is quite phenomenon, and he will open the 3rd batch in my country.

    Is this seminar as good as it sounds? or it is just another crap?

    Thanks for your comment before,

    PS: I hope there is any graduated person from this seminar want to give his thought.




    no one reply? :(
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    From his web page:

    # The 4 Keys to Financial Freedom
    # The 7 Major Trends of Investing
    # Making US$149,050 Profits with just 20 Trades in 43 Days only!!!

    Sounds like a bunch of hype to me. Most of option trading can be learned free or low cost -- e.g. check out the cboe educational seminars.
  4. Absolutely true. Friend of mine in K.L. was suckered into one of these. Total b.s. Rich Dad meets Optionetics. Lose your capital in two ways: seminar fees and following the plan. Oh, and deal with pushy salespeople for evermore.

    Follow cdowis' advice.
  5. That's a pretty slick looking website. No mention of cost - how come? What success rate does he have with his pupils? Is it better than the industry average of 2%? I notice the 'live freely challenge' only lists people who have made one trade that was successful - no mention of consistent profits anywhere.
    With all due respect, it just looks like another options training company.


    Thanks for all your comment, guys

    Here is a forum which discuss about his seminar

    you know,.... one of my friend got back his money spent on his seminar in just 10 days with the option trade..
    I argue with him, and he got angry with me... WTF :confused:

    the primary concern about this seminar is gapping analysis,
    the trade only rely on gapping on earning day for maximum profit.
  7. ANCOLL, I can't decide if you're a shill for the dodgy Dr., or simply persistent in wishing to get rid of your cash.

    Every 'trading educator' who passes through Asia manages to get air-time on Channel News Asia. They don't research guests' credibility or authenticity.

    Your friend may have been simply lucky, or lying. Either way, he's sure to lose several times his seminar fee in the months ahead.


    Thanks for your comment, dunleggin

    Sure, I will take a look at my friends once in a while to see whether they survived or not.
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    the usual maxim applies...high risk / high returns.
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