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  1. What are you guys using for controlling your algorithms while you are AFK? I'm considering writing a Telegram bot but secret chats are not supported with the bot API.

    I trust Durov's intentions, but he was forced to give up VK (or probably lose his life/freedom) and nothing says it won't happen again.

    I suppose I could just make it a read-only bot.
  2. Looks like the best chance is xmpp
  3. Leaning towards ejabberd, used it a long time ago, looks like author is now making money from the product. Good for him.
  4. IAS_LLC


    Although I try not to let things run while AFK, I have my algos running on AWS behind an nginx server with a SIMPLE Angular2+ front end where I I can perform simple operations/monitoring from any internet connected device.
  5. Makes sense. Personally, I fear having any ports open...
  6. IAS_LLC


    I hear ya, but....the risk of losing everything on a bad trade is orders of magnitude more than the risk of being hacked at a random ip address that is password protected
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    I’d consider Firebase - a mini online json database often used for synching chat bots, game servers, etc.
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  8. I do not use a bot. Instead, my programs read parameters from a .csv file (i.e. plain text file). This text file is in my Dropbox. I can access these Dropbox files from any location where I have internet access, and modify them if so required. I selected Dropbox because it supports both iOS (my iPad) and Ubuntu (my home computers). There are other online file servers, but not all of them support both these OSes.
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    Sorry, what do you mean? You have algos running and you want to start/stop/modify them? You are using so much new (to me anyway) technology that my head is spinning :)
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    AFK = away from keyboard. Could be taking a dump, for example. And need/want piece of mind to steer the ship whilst doing the not-trading thing. It's like monitoring your ring video doorbell when you're not home
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