Comissions should be percentage based ONLY on winning trades

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Koros, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Koros


    Comission world is fair only to the broker.
    I don't know how we can tolerate the current comission structure but one day someone will have to wake up and change this horrible situation where brokers make money out of our losing trades.

    In order to restablish a win / win situation (to the broker AND the client) all comission structure world must be changed:

    - There should be a fixed, monthly fee paid to the broker. Fee should be < $50.
    - Then comission should be % based on our profits on each winning trade. No profit, no comission. Small profit, small comission. Big profit, big comission, but still, % remains the same like 0,1% (ideal value to be determined).

    THAT would be fair.
    Anything other than this is UNFAIR to the trader.
    Current situation is hardly tolerable and requires a revolution.
  2. Precisely so, a broker should be an altruistic charity organization for struggling retail traders. There should also be free tissues for all the tears. And free cookies. Please, i want cookies.
  3. kxvid


    I wouldn't mind lower commissions. Especially for futures the commissions are absurd. But I could care less if I have to pay commissions on a losing trade.
  4. mbbcat


    Has anyone thought why do we still need brokers & why the exchanges have not simply cut the middle man out of the deal in this electronic world - the exchanges already self clear, it would only be another step to manage the increased numbers of customers & / merge with a large broker to create a trading monopoly Obviously there may be issues but that no-one has at least challenged the system / rocked the boat .....
  5. ture that the electronic world will rock the marketplace so strong that we still don't have an idea... just look how fast fully automated execution software have rise the last years...

    And true Oldman, having access to the market should nearly be a right in a market economy !
  6. Truff


    The problem is not the brokers, it is the exchanges themselves charging such ridiculous exchange fees. You want lower commissions, you can start and end right there.
  7. lets also let casinos give back all the money we lose and just take a % of our gains
  8. You are a fucking idiot

  9. zdreg


    commissions should be based upon losing trades. think about it.
  10. thats what BETFAIR the betting exchange does.

    20% on all winning trades.

    You want that?
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