Coming up next: The almighty Goldman Sachs?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by crgarcia, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Wall Street is the only investment bank that survived the mortgage problem unharmed (in fact it had record profits form oil).
    Morgan Stanley also survived, but they are in frail financial situation.

    Now they may accept deposits from the public, in addition of being the only unharmed survivor, which means less competition.

    So, coming up next the almighty Goldman Sachs?
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  3. nice!:D
  4. I myself would be sold!
  5. GS will probably go on a buying spree of smaller banks that can't dump whatever they want to dump. GS will acquire the small banks and "clean" it up because they can and the small banks may not be able too. The plot thickens.
  6. IDEA IDEA!!!

    GS was given these banking powers by the Fed so they can purchase small and regional banks that are ON THE VERGE OF BEING TAKEN OVER BY THE FDIC. It would be better if Goldman bought them for cheap rather than FDIC takeover which will shatter confidence in the economy and deplete the FDIC's fund. If this theory is true, WM and some of the other shittys will be bought by Goldman...

    For taking on all this extra risk by purchasing insolvent companies, GS must be getting one hell of a sweet deal. But I have no idea what that may be.
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    It's funny, cause anyone that is even semi aware & knowledgeable of the financial industry would NEVER put any money into a GS banking institution. I wonder how they plan on getting deposits.