Coming up next: Affirmative action easy-loans to minorities?

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  1. In other words, so members of minorities may easily get credits that they can't and won't pay?
  2. Fuck off and go find another topic to post while watching your portfolio wither away.
  3. Lets cut the SH_t right here and now. The subprime market is not minority loan central.In fact non minorities make up a vast majority of the loans as the study by Marc Morial from the URBAN LEAGUE sponsored. So cut back your racial rhetoric and realize that we as a nation are all involved. Every race religion and sexuality is involved in this debacle. Most of the prime market loans represented 97% of the market. The three 3% percent of the Subprime market was the ones offering the highest yields. Its amazing that as the Adjustible rate period honey moon ends the market plummets. In 2010 January you will see the real beast behind the market devastation.

    Even in the midst of giving the loans away many minorities did not qualify to get many of the loans. Thats the truth. If that was the case many of the suburbs would have been changed demographically. Many of lower class non minorities bought into the up and coming craze and tried to flip their way into the mainstream buy buying and flipping into a bigger home.

    Thats the source of the problem. Foreclosure effects us all no time for bigots. We are all Fricked if a solution does not occur soon...
  4. why wud asians need a loan they are far richer than whites

  5. Are you just learning English? Don't quit, its a tough language to master.
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    You really have an anger control and toilet mouth problem on top of it...haven't ya now.
  7. How did your paper-trades work out for you today? :D
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    Not too many minorities in the segment with the fastest growing defaults: jumbo prime. As far as coming up next: class action by minorities for being targeted for predatory and fraudulent lending practices.

    Seriously anyone who now wants to make this about ethnicity, when all this garbage came about because a bunch of waspy pricks on Wall street and in Washington got too clever and greedy, needs their head examined.