Coming to Chitown for yankees visit to Wrigley

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by OVERtheLINE, May 20, 2003.

  1. Will be shopping for a futures platform for the group I trade with
    and would appreciate any suggestions
  2. Swipe


    AOL IM me tomorrow and I will tell you who to talk to.
  3. where were you today? that shitass lightspeed is OUT

    mr beef
    erie cafe
    half shell

    what did i miss?
  4. You should contact the people over at TT. Let them know you are looking for software for a group of traders. I know some traders who went out there and the TT reps took them around to the exchange floor and to some of the prop shops. It let them see the software in action, talk to some traders using the product, and allowed them to see what some other future traders were up too trading the european markets and US markets.
  5. Walk over to the 3rd base line and find the fat man with the scraggly beard sitting in section 147. Tug on his beard twice and say, "The Dodgers kick ass." He'll then lead you to the best Futures platform around!
  6. I hope your seats are not in the upper deck. The pigeons love to take aim at all the north-side die hards up there. Being a Yankee fan, the pigeons will realize you have a vast knowledge of the game and will not shat on your parade. This is the only park in baseball where you can consistently be in last place and sell out. These north-siders do not have a clue. I never really liked their gum or read their newspaper.