Coming in 4 months: Free cell phone usage in your house

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    Majicjack for cell phones in the home. I could also see every business putting one in their office and the fact that wireless internet access on your laptop costs about 70$ per month, i can see everyone just carrying a small laptop with them in their car and plugging the majicjack into that to get free cell phone calls.

    Looks like pretty soon, people will be paying full price for their cell phones and not getting those discounts for the contracts....who would get a contract when you can get free cell service?
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    technology and innovation destroys monopolies
  3. Oh well, TomTom and Garmin are about to die.
    Evolution continues.
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    I already have one of these. It's called a cordless phone connected to a magicjack...

    However I can see the convenience of your cell phone suddenly being free inside someone's house. However there is a problem with this...

    Do you get to use your cell phone's number? If not, and your calls are routed via the magicjack's number instead, what's the point?
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    Confirmed. Basically, this is just like the other magicJack. The only difference is you connect cell phones to it instead of regular phones.

    There are regular phones that are powered via the phone line on the market, therefore the laptop idea is nothing new, just improved.