Coming Full Circle.

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    Dear Traders,
    After graduating from college in 1997, I went straight into trading with a boutique investment firm. After much punishment, I ended up with a small team within the company trading risk arb. I traded deals like SBC/BEL, AIG/SUN and MOB/XON. It was a profitable for me and the company. Times were good. Then, what seemed like overnight, we quit making money. It was terrible.

    In 2000, I ended up leaving that firm and going over to a high-frequency equity trading startup that had a developer to trader ratio of like 2:1. Times were good again (think fast cars and expensive vacations here). They were really good. Then something happened. I started making less money and I got burned out.

    I caught an entrepreneurial bug from a friend and who convinced me to start a company complete outside of trading. I took my winnings and went.

    Over the next five years, I ran this company did quite well. It wasn't as rewarding as trading but it was a good living.

    Fast forward to 2009. This recession has destroyed our company and our customers are filing bankruptcy left and right and leaving us with nothing (think construction industry here). I have learned that trading, in my opinion, is no more risky than being in business for yourself.

    All the above being stated, how the heck do I get back into it? All my original winnings have been zapped by my failing business. So I am looking for some sort of funded trading opportunity.

    Would anyone have any insight? I WAS fairly skilled, consistently profitable. I still believe I have a good temperament for trading.

    Would any of the TRUE props be interested in an experienced trader making a return to the business? I would prefer going back to work for someone.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide insight.

  2. Xicaju,

    You sound like a decent trader and business man.

    I'm sure if you have a solid background and trading record, you should be able to land a prop-trading position quickly.

    But why are you seeking help through this website? It's a cess-pool bro :)
    (there are a few good souls)

    You're lucky...
    I'm going to pass you a great link, with a huge list of prop firms you can apply to.

    Enjoi :D

    (you will notice most jobs are in NY, Chicago, London or big market centers)
  3. xicaju


    Thank you for the website link with the list. I will go through them.

    Any suggestions on which of these might be expanding their trading room?
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    tradethetrade Vendor

    Great story. Your story is more like a "heads up" because it can happen to anyone in any industry.

    You lived through the good and the bad and you are still full of energy to keep punching. I am sure you will find what you are looking in no time.

    Best of luck....
  5. xicaju


    I appreciate your responses. The websites have also been informative. I have been through the lists and already bookmarked the one's of interest. There were many that weren't even on my radar.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. to Brazilianwonder for his encouragement: Quem não tem cão, caça com gato. Eu estou aberto para qualquer oportunidade. Forte Abraco!