Coming back into the software game after being out for a four years.

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  1. I have been using excel for all my strats for a few years. But since my trading instruments have started to expand from 5-10 and will most likely grow I find myself needing "real" software. Updating everything by hand in the am is becoming time intensive.

    I need to be able to -

    -Create custom indicators.
    -Watch multiple time frames.
    -Scan those times frames simultaneously.
    -Punch out watchlists in real time based on my scans.

    whats my best bet?

  2. IMO, NinjaTrader should be on your list ...

    [unless your instruments are options; I don't think NT handles options]

  3. Thank you.

    Good point about product

    Equities, futures, currency, bonds and yields and cash indices
  4. Murray Ruggiero

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    If your interested in system development ,backtesting and walkforward analysis you should take a look at TradersStudio. There a lot of info on TradersStudio , including some reviews posted here.

    You can also see for yourself at

  5. Can the product scan several timeframes simultaneously?
  6. Murray Ruggiero

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    It's not a real time platform. It's a offline one. But yes , you can do multiple timeframe analysis.
  7. Can you pull data in during the trading day? I used to use AIQ systems end of day pulling data from mytrack and you could update once every 60 mins(or as often as you like) to get a fresh look.

    Oh, and can I pull the data from REDI+?