COMEX Metal Futures to Trade on Globex!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Spaceman3, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. I guess I wasn't paying attention...starts this Sunday.
  2. Realist


    Does anyone know if IB will be supporting this? I don't see an updated listing on the IB website.

    This marks the beginning of the end of open-outcry COMEX gold/silver as we know it!
  3. I will know the answer to that question in the next hour or two

    I was told IB will be supporting these new globex platform
    products from comex but when I pull up the symbols for the mini products ( i.e. QO + QI )

    I see some weird settlement prices

    on the other hand

    GC and SI look ok as far as settlement prices go
  4. Malinois


    Which contract will be the dominant electronic contract in terms of volume, Comex or Cbot?
  5. as of last week

    comex was doing close to 1/2 the volume overnight
    in silver but cbot was doing more volume in gold overnight
    in my opinion

    ps ... I am unable to trade comex at this moment in time
    and even think the prices I see are wrong

    with my broker 's data feed
  6. Realist


    IB is posting Closing prices for GC/QO and SI/QI although the prices are whacked out a bit. We'll know soon enough if its a go with IB...


    GC and SI just opened up on IB..
  7. just21


    What time does it open?
  8. There is even a mini gold now. Doesnt seem like any trades yet according to IB. Will this have better liquidity than the 33oz gold since the spread is 0.25?
  9. basis


    You need more / better liquidity than YG?

  10. knego


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