comex members to join the party

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  1. I guess once the members saw NMX trading $130 yesterday
    they had to vote yes ... seats were going for 50-100K only a few yrs ago ... but then gold was trading sub $300

    -NEW YORK, NY, November 20, 2006 — At a special meeting held today, COMEX seat owners voted to approve a NYMEX/COMEX transaction, which among other things, will expand the ability of NYMEX to provide COMEX electronic trading privileges to third parties, as well as to list all COMEX contracts for side by side trading in exchange for 8,400 shares of NYMEX Holdings common stock. More than 98% of the shares voted in connection with this meeting were voted in favor of the deal. -
  2. more news from nymex

    -New York, N.Y., November 21, 2006 — The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc. announced today that it will expand COMEX metals electronic trading to include side by side trading, COMEX miNYs, Asian metals, and London metals futures contracts on the CME Globex® electronic trading platform beginning on December 3 for trade date December 4. -

    -NYMEX will migrate the COMEX gold, silver, copper and aluminum futures contracts, which currently trade after hours on the NYMEX ACCESS® electronic trading system to CME Globex. These contracts will also be offered on CME Globex during open outcry hours, trading virtually 24 hours a day. -

    -NYMEX will launch COMEX miNY gold, silver, and copper futures contracts; Asian gold, silver, and copper futures contracts; and London primary aluminium, London SHG zinc, and London copper grade A futures contracts. In addition, NYMEX will offer calendar spreads for all of the above contracts.-
  3. The boyz appear to have worked out that this is a new century