comex increases margins for GC

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  1. by 50 % .....

    NEW YORK, NY, February 5, 2003 — Margins on the New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., COMEX Division gold futures contracts will be increased at the close of business tomorrow.

    Gold futures margins will be increased to $1,500 from $1,000 for members, member firms, and hedgers, and to $2,025 from $1,350 for speculative customers.
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    :( <-- gold shorts
  3. corvus


    I suppose this means they are expecting a great deal of volatility in gold futures? :confused:
  4. The enormous spec position (245k contracts) is mostly small and overleveraged. This change gives the institutional shorts a chance to cover.

    Don't even ask why GC only trades until 13:30..
  5. This sounds like a bomb droppin' on Beaver Cleaverville...
  6. check out the bollinger band action in gold.....

    $330/350 here we come....

  7. Let's hope so. I am short NEM Mar 35 Calls from yesterday.
  8. Dont think so, should consolidate at the middle band so that's 360-365 at least for a while then maybe fall to the lower band which in the mean time will have moved up.
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    no, it means the big boys (JPM) want to push it down. when was the last time nymex upped the limit for ANY commodity?
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