Comex Electronic Futures on IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by BSD82, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. BSD82


    Does anyone know if IB will be ready to trade the electronic futures on Comex December 3rd?
  2. I asked one of their reps that same question yesterday, and she said they would not.
  3. I bet they will be next week.
    Symbols are already there.

    Anyway, CBoT does far more volume in gold, in silver it is 50/50.

    So if you don't need copper yet...

    But one has to admit that it is more difficult to get size executed in silver on the screen.
  4. just21


    This is a sticking point in the CME/CBOT merger. Comex/Nymex are unhappy that the CBOT has a competing gold contract when the CME are hosting their contract on Globex.
  5. are there differences between the new side by side contracts and the cbot contract in terms of anonymity, at least until the merger takes place

    i had wondered how that worked for qm, ws and now electronic cl as well
  6. The whole "nymex on globex" deal is IMO a fiasco for nymex in the longer term view (regarding the business, not technically).

    I think this will end up like CBoT -> A/C/E -> EurexUS, but much worse because of its far greater scale

    If anyone considers this deal a win-win situation, it's because it is
    CME 2 : NYMEX 0