Come to Kalifornia....LETZ PAATY!

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  1. Let California be a model for the USSA... "government cutback"... sure, sombody's oxen will be gored... sorry, no alternative.

    Gummint's solution to EVERYTHING is "more Gummint"... at some point, that no longer flies.

    Sort of like the UAW.... accept LESS or get used to getting NOTHING...
  2. Every time I visit relatives in L.A., I'm amazed at the wealth I see. California has more billionaires than anywhere outside of NY.

    California needs to find the money within it's own state, rather than ask for a U.S. taxpayer bailout.
  3. yeah its ridiculous! Look at the 12 propositions we had on the ballot and how plain idiotic it was to vote yes to some of them.

    PROP 1a(passed)...a 9.95 billion dollar high speed rail that nobody will ever use and most likely end up really costing 40+ billion in the long haul. (not to mention the maintainence on this is going to be 1 billion dollars per year) that means that if 50,000 people ride that train per day and pay 50 bucks per ride, it will not cover the yearly cost of maintenance.

    PROP 3(passed)...a billion dollars (actually 980 million to be exact) to build childrens hosptials. Now i am all for the "children" but when you still got a few hundred million dollars left over from the last time this was voted on in 2004, I say screw it...spend what you got first, then ask for more money later.

    PROP 5 (failed) Would've ended up saving us 2.5 billion.

    Prop 12(passed) 900 million dollars going to buy veterans homes(actual costs 1.8 billion if you add the interest) yeah, im thankful the troops are out there protecting us, but its not like you were forced to go out there and get a dangerous job...YOU chose to do that type of work and why should you get subsidized housing now? If you got hurt in the war, then should get it. If you came back fine (or never left) then dont get it.

    And people only voted for this shit because they feel like its not them paying the bill, its "the government" Why do i say this? because look at PROP 7 that failed. It would require CA to get half of its energy from renewable resources by 2025...Whats wrong with that? that good for the environment right? It would've made California the world leader in clean power technology. It would've helped create over 370,000 new high wage jobs. Oh wait...your utility bill would shoot up 10% FORGET THAT PROP...why? Because you actually get a utility bill in the mail every month not like those other propositions you pay secretly in the old invisible higher tax rates. Yeah...if people were going to get a bill every month for prop 1a, the 9.95 billion dollar railroad project, NOBODY would've voted for that.

    Its when shit like this happens, i think democracy is a bad idea.

    If i were president, everytime someone wanted money for a project, I would let the people vote for it...those that vote yes get to pay for it. Those that vote no, dont have to pay for it.
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    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."

    Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)