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  1. Lets get serious. I need a DOUBLE. Pure and simple enough of these small moves I need as GUSHER you know? Do you know? You know? A lot of us are in the same position.. did I tell you I was UP 40% plus at one point this year?- quite a while ago it seems anyhoo... still up as they say... This MAD DASH FOR CASH that starts December 18th... I've already given some sexy stock ideas but we need a technically safe option too- a stock washed out, given up for dead that no one is talking about... BUT STILL SEXY! ladies and gentlemen I give you WAVE... and more importantly I give you a division of WAVE...PV, a subsidiary of NextWave Wireless Inc.,

    PV, supplies the multimedia software that enables such services as Verizon Wireless’ VCAST music and video services, NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA service and Orange’s Orange World services. In 2008, PV will enter its 10th year of designing and delivering mobile media solutions.

    “Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a lot of good technologies and services that ran their course very quickly. Increasingly, those that stick are the services that consider the end-user,” said PV CEO James C. Brailean, Ph.D. “It’s more than just streaming a song or a video clip. Multimedia services are becoming highly sophisticated and feature-rich. In 2007, ease of use became critical for a service to get any kind of traction with consumers.”

    “Different regions emphasized different media functions this year,” said Brailean. “With our North American customers, we launched some significant upgrades to music services, telling us that the mobile phone is gaining traction as a favored personal audio device. In Japan, we enabled DoCoMo customers to better enjoy Internet-based media with the introduction of phones fully capable of playing back virtually any Internet-based video. And our European customers asked us to create new ways for their end-users to store and manage different forms of digital content for easy access from their mobile phones.”

    Some of the key developments for PV in 2007:

    January – Fast Channel Changing: PV debuted its fast channel change technology, which enables users of DVB-H live TV services to change channels in under 200 milliseconds, compared to up to six seconds for standard DVB-H solutions.

    February – New Digital Rights Management Options: PV was the first to demonstrate publicly the versatile digital rights management system from Microsoft called PlayReady. PlayReady, along with PV’s own digital rights management system called Secure Digital Container (SDC), enables multiple business models, including superdistribution of content and over-the-air content license acquisition.

    March – MediaFusion™ Unified Client-Server: PV introduced its MediaFusion white label client-server solution to create an integrated media on-device portal. MediaFusion will be deployed next year by multiple mobile operators. With MediaFusion, mobile media services have a more elegant and user-friendly way to search and access multimedia content while creating new merchandising opportunities.

    April – PV Shows MediaFLO’s Openness: PV was the first to demonstrate publicly the mobile broadcast TV platform MediaFLO on a reference device with a third-party application processor, showing that it is indeed an open standard.

    October – PVConnect™ Links the Home Network with the Mobile Phone: PV demonstrated publicly its PVConnect media server software that enables the seamless sharing of content, such as music, photos and video, between a variety of compatible devices including mobile phones. PVConnect had a number of design wins this year, including media storage devices made by HP, Cisco-Linksys and LaCie.

    November – PV is a Founding Member of the Open Handset Alliance: PV supplies the multimedia subsystem for the Android media device platform, an open-source initiative led by Google. PV is one of 34 industry heavy-hitters who founded the Open Handset Alliance.

    November – PV Adds 14 New Handsets to its DoCoMo Deployments: With the release of 14 new phones, PV brought the total of PV-powered multimedia handsets deployed by its customer NTT DoCoMo to 54.

    In 2008: PV was the first company to bring video to cell phone back in 1998 and plans to continue its streak of mobile multimedia innovations in 2008. Among the innovations to debut is the introduction of a new way to deliver mobile TV broadcasts to handsets, to be previewed at the Mobile World Congress show in February.

    “Some industry watchers are saying 2007 was a quiet year for mobile media, but we saw it more as a transition year,” said Brailean. “Multimedia services have entered the consumer mainstream. We’re looking forward to the launch of a number of new, flexible, and more importantly, easy-to-use mobile media services next year.”

    It's a coin toss when reading about these companies but you search and search and you look for unknown gems with big customers and maybe if this company was just called " PV " it would be doing better. I'll be the first to tell you with tech who knows but this sure reads good to me...

    It could fatten out for a while here at $5.50- $6.00 but don't let this get much past $7.50 before jumping on because upside looks tasty.
    Stoned TARGET $ 9.00 - $ 12.00
    A Nice Stocking Stuffer!
  2. Folks one of my best institutional sources is now telling me WAVE is a steal down here at $5. I really want all stonedinvestors to pick up this name now. You probably will own it cheaper than me I payed $5.50. As you know I like to give you the names BEFORE they move rather than come back and say look I told you. This next week will be your last chance on this name I'm pretty sure as the stk has caught the eye of at least one big whale... I will continue to place my faith in this comeback story I have identified for 08'.

    It may happen sooner however... get in!

    ~ stoney
  3. Things we look for.... a day's volume trading done by 12:15.... Pushing up on that break out point again $6.00... I've got you all in at $5.50 and cheaper... I've got a chart that's fallen from the mountain top... could this all add up to the BIG story we have been hoping for? Why is this not on my 08' list? Spotted another boo boo- must rectify
    I know it's a very contrarian call looking at the big chart... but don't let this get much past $6.75...
  4. Why did it tank in July?
  5. is bottom in TODAY? or at least for next few hours?
  6. 5.91
    Trade Time: 4:00PM ET
    Change: 0.53 (9.85%)

    Always nice to be up 10% when the market is down 2% wonder what it will do on a good day. Yes. the Bottom Is In!!!!! ~ stoney
  7. Well no progress can be good when you are a good spec stk. WAVE has held up well and deserves your attention here. It surged big time into the close yesterday!

    (WAVE)to Showcase New Mobile Multimedia Products and Technologies at Mobile World Congress 2008. During the event, NextWave plans to make a number of important announcements that will further the company's leadership in providing the products and technologies needed to enable next-generation mobile multimedia services for customers around the world. These announcements will include news related to mobile TV, LTE, advances in NextWave's WiMAX technology and ecosystem, and mobile media content solutions.

    ~ stoney
  8. Well we have now got a big deal in place it seems.

    (WAVE) Orange and T-Mobile roll out TDtv in UK - Carriers Orange and T-Mobile are poised to announce the rollout of a broadcast mobile TV service in the UK this year that will use existing cellular spectrum, rather than having to wait until additional wireless spectrum is freed up with the completion of analogue switch-off in 2012, say industry sources. The TDtv technology developed by embedded-software-systems provider NextWave Wireless will pool spare capacity in both operators' UMTS networks to deliver a multicast service to handsets equipped with special chipsets.

    NextWave Wireless is of course us, why oh why does no one care about this stock. I have such a good vibe on this name, great symbol and management to boot. I know a friend of a friend who kicked the tires in person, came away very impressed. Watch this company! ~stoney
  9. Folks I'v been out of town and I just wanted to touch base on this name. I still love it. I still own it in a big wave way. In case any stonedinvestors were wondering, it also looks ok technically -

    Over the last week or so, WAVE has just about completed a bullish head & shoulders base. Let it clear $6 finally. I have strong confidence about this play as a long term play a company with management that has impressed some people I listen to.....

    Just want to keep it on your radar most stocks beaten down in the carnage don't snap back so quick unless they have a very good story to tell.

    Ditto EMKR by the way look for that to rip this week.
  10. FINALLY WE GET THE NEWS! UP 31%!!!!!!!
    love stoney~

    NextWave soars on plans to sell spectrum holdings
    Thursday April 24, 8:10 am ET
    NextWave shares soar on plans to sell US wireless spectrum holdings

    SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Wireless technology company NextWave Wireless Inc. said late Wednesday it plans to sell its U.S. spectrum holdings, which cover New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other major markets.

    Shares rose $1.50, or 31.6 percent, to $6.25 in premarket trading.

    The company hired Deutsche Bank and UBS to assist in the sale.

    "Since the completion of the recent 700 MHz auction, we have received multiple offers for our U.S. spectrum assets," said Allen Salmasi, president and chief executive, in a statement.

    The government recently auctioned of a swath of airwaves that are being freed up with the switch to digital broadcasting in early 2009. AT&T and Verizon accounted for most of the winning bids.

    NextWave said it no longer views its spectrum holdings as vital to reaching its sales goals.

    In 1996, NextWave Telecommunications Inc., led by Salmasi, bid $4.74 billion to buy the rights to 95 spectrum licenses, big enough to cover nearly 94 million people. But the company couldn't make its payments and filed for bankruptcy.

    The Federal Communications Commission then took back and re-auctioned the licenses, but NextWave took its fight all the way to the Supreme Court, which sided with it. The company emerged from bankruptcy in 2005, a year after it reached a settlement with the FCC.
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