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  1. I'm a daytrader and I love buying breakouts:

    I will be posting my trades on a daily basis. I will also be posting my profit and loss in each day.

    I hope you'll enjoy my work because I know how hard it is to find a sincere trader.

    Comments are always welcome.
  2. gl!
  3. Thanks trackstar...

    Tomorrow will definitely be a tough one cause the SPY can either bounce or breakthrough the 50 MA.

    My favorite stock for tommorrow is HIG cause is has a nice ascending triangle on the daily chart and looks like it wants to breakout.
  4. I'm putting up a chart for HIG (long) and MET (short). I have about 15 stocks in my watchlist tomorrow.

    This does not mean that I will trade it. I will have to watch for a setup before entering the position.
  5. DRYS , I hope it hits 20 next week .
  6. wave


    HIG 65?

    MET 0 ? Bankruptcy?

    Nice picks by the way.
  7. tickmagnet,

    I'm not sure if you're a daytrader or a swing trader but DRYS does look good for a swing. It's above the 50 MA with heavy volume on the daily.
  8. Swing is the way to go , daytrading is not for me .
  9. wave


    low single digits soon.
  10. I like some other stuff , JRJC <EFUT<SOHU>>>>FCX<<<NUE

    Sure stuff.

    JRJC < EFUT+ big potential , way oversold.
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