Come One, Come All - Illegal Immigation not a Crime

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    Rudy: Illegal immigration not a crime
    By LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani said illegal immigration is not a crime, prompting rival Mitt Romney to accuse him of not taking the problem seriously...

    "It's not a crime," Giuliani said Friday. "I know that's very hard for people to understand, but it's not a federal crime."
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    What a great man.
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    Section 1325. Improper entry by alien

    (a) Improper time or place; avoidance of examination or inspection;
    misrepresentation and concealment of facts
    Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States
    at any time or place other than as designated by immigration
    officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration
    officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United
    States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the
    willful concealment of a material fact, shall, for the first
    commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or
    imprisoned not more than 6 months, or both, and, for a subsequent
    commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18, or
    imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.
    (b) Improper time or place; civil penalties
    Any alien who is apprehended while entering (or attempting to
    enter) the United States at a time or place other than as
    designated by immigration officers shall be subject to a civil
    penalty of -
    (1) at least $50 and not more than $250 for each such entry (or
    attempted entry); or
    (2) twice the amount specified in paragraph (1) in the case of
    an alien who has been previously subject to a civil penalty under
    this subsection.

    Civil penalties under this subsection are in addition to, and not
    in lieu of, any criminal or other civil penalties that may be imposed.
  4. Interesting. I had always thought that illegal entry was a criminal offense. Turns out it is not (by itself). Thanks for the info. Rudy is right.
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    I'm not a lawyer but the way I read that it IS a criminal offense. Maybe someone versed in legaleese can set us straight.
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    well, from now on, no more parking meters for me, because I declare 'Illegal Parking is not a crime'
  7. Sure. And you'll be liable for "civil penalties," just as illegal immigrants do.
  8. Wow, who knew...

    A former US Attorney actually knows the law......

    :p :p
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    According to Wiki, a "Federal Crime" is defined as:

    "...a crime that is either made illegal by U.S. FEDERAL LEGISLATION or a crime that occurs on U.S. federal property."

    Section 1325 penalizing illegal immigration falls under the United States Code.

    According to wiki, "United States Code" is defined as:

    ".... a compilation and codification of the general and permanent FEDERAL LAW of the United States."
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    Illegal immigration is outlawed by Federal Law.

    Who knew?
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