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    this is it....maybe...the 50 day on the SPY was shakey this very careful if u r long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. One doesn't go short in a market that only goes up.

    Eventually it will go down, but not until it does. And until it does, it's only going to keep going up.
  3. You're a smart guy. :cool:

    IOW, don't fight the fed. :D
  4. Last I checked, the daily TL that supported the rally since March was broken last week.

    Just make sure you're not the last sucker holding the bag.
  5. trend lend, schmend lines.

    i'll be a believer in down when 1k on the S&P breaks (i may even get nervous at 1020)
  6. Not a problem. Unless we close above 64, market needs buyers on the way down to 1K.
  7. Long/intermediate/short term trend remains UP.

    To preserve it, I wouldn't really want to see a CLOSE below 1040.

    If that 1030 - 1020 area fails to provide support on a market drop, it's going to be watch out below!
  8. Monthly down, Weekly up, Daily down, 60 MN down, etc...

    Basic Technical Analysis.
  9. Exactly!

    Who said that I'm using those parameters to define the trend(s)? :D

    LOL, cheers lumpy, it's always fun talking with the ET Braintrust. :p
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