Come on Traders... I'm sure someone out there knows a software with a "tabs" feature!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by newguyintown, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. I just wrote a post a couple days ago asking if anyone knew of a software that has a tabs feature that allows you to display numerous different charts side by side on a single tab, and then have other tabs with different charts. Ex: a news tab, a market internals tab, a global markets tab etc. where each one has related charts side by side, and you can easily flip through one tab to another to get a quick glance at related charts at once.

    While I got a few suggestions, I didn't get one software suggestion that has that feature. I'm sure one of you out there knows of a futures charting software that has this capability! So a little help in finding it would be much appreciated.....
  2. Thank you Prince-in-jail. Multi-charts looks like a great software. I appreciate the help!
  3. Aok


  4. Anvil has a feature for different workspaces/layouts/tabs, where you can tab between different sets of charts/mm boxes/filters

    I highly recommend.
  5. AmiBroker
  6. sh8ker


  7. damo484


    I'll have to second Amibroker (1st) and Multicharts.
  8. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I appreciate the help and will look into the softwares you mentioned.