Come on, Socialist? Commie?

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  1. I just can't stand it you guys. Do any of you really believe that Obama is a Communist, a Socialist, or an AntiAmerican. Do we think we need to research every congress-person to see if they are Anti American? Have we really let the pundits pollute our minds to that degree? Do we really think Rev. Wright or Ayers is going to be in Cabinet? Love Obama or hate Obama, this is just plain nuts.

    Real traders need to be objective in the view of the market. We have all seen the permabears and permabulls go bankrupt over the years by going with feelings and nonsense instead of objective views. How can a trader be swayed by this nonsense?

    Turn off MSNBC and FOX for a while and let the pollution out. Both sides.

    We are Americans. We may disagree. We've made it this far through a lot of bad stuff. Don't let the final blow to America be Americans themselves in this We Hate Your Side mentality.

    Please. Both sides just get past the bullshit.

  2. Politics is a contact sport, sort of. I like the the give and take. You learn some new things, you solidify some beliefs, get rid of others.
    Democracy looks anarchic and wasteful on the outside, but it's a pretty good system. it works.
    I wouldn't like the country to have "Cuban" like consensus
    + I have too much fun with clueless Republicans
  3. Obama's policies are socialist.
  4. <<--- Life wouldn't be fun without these types, squeegees, the once-per-day-atleast EliteTrader website crash and hurricanes.
    I need these people to live. I Thrive on stupidity.
  5. You know what the say...

    ...You are what you thrive on.

  6. Believe it or not, this is how I deal with trading stress. some people drink, some people smoke.... I guess you eat Bananas and smell you farts.. to each their own.
    I love political debates Or Watching South Park (I'm out of new material).

  7. You are screwed if paper trading causes you stress. BTW, I thought I was on ignore bylo.:p
  8. You haven't seen the McCain video where he talked about (cough cough) "wealth distribution" back in 2000, in responding to a woman's question about tax being socialist.

    God how much things can change in 8 years.
  9. This is the second time today somebody mistakes me for somebody else, BuyLowsSellHigh and now bylo. i'll take that as a compliment, there must be some other decent people in this forum.
  10. You are a pear-shaped loser.
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