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    I went long some S&Ps earlier, want to see QQQQ close above 44 today or tommorow.
  2. empee


    wow its doing it while i was posting!
  3. archon


    You trading the options? If so, how are you liking those penny spreads?
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    Interesting ,QQQQ closed up yesterday $43.52 about 00.06 year to date/quarter to date.
    its made lots of lower highs, like $44.44.

    As we speak [premarket about 8:04 chicago time,more lower highs.]
  5. sellers bringing it down again after the morning gap
  6. empee


    im still long and strong the S&Ps, looking for it to hold 43.60 area to precpitate the short squeeze. (referring to QQQQ)

    I'm looking for yesterdays close to be a intraday double bottom. (thats why the gap up today), but not good that its selling off. Actually now i DONT WANT IT TO CLOSE THE GAP since it traps shorts and precipitates the squeeze.

  7. empee


    if it doesn't go then there are ALOT of ppl trapped short.
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    this is your chance to back up the truck with a stop below yesterdays low or lower (in case they run the stops there).

    QQQQ holding 43.60 is very bullish. I know its crazy to be bullish here but if it works we should get a great move and the Risk reward is awesome.

    a close below 43.60 would invalidate.

    Load up guys!
  9. I was hoping for a nice reboudn today but forgetaboutit

    score another one for the bears

    this selling may go on for awhile

    no point of buyig now since there are still 5.3 more hours of trading and plenty of time for more shit to hit the fan
  10. #4$*!!

    EdIt just plunged into the red

    Not time 2 buy

    time to wait for a bottom again
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