Come on Benny or God (is there a difference) give me some volatility

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mikasa, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    trading with Vix heading to 13 ain't fun

    it just ain't fun

    we need a war or something

    hey, what's up with Iran these days, are they still doable :D
  2. just imagine how it will be during nov/dec holidays and sumemr this yr, better have 5 years of living expenses saved up or work at maccieD's
  3. You're asking God for war with Iran?
  4. Logic


    We won't want to start it, but there's a good chance Israel will pull something with Iran this year.
  5. spinn


    does Israel lend money to the people that are attacking it too?

    or do they just lend money to both sides of other peoples wars?
  6. Hey Cold/c-kid. You just sent me a PM yesterday about how you were leaving for good.

    Does "for good" mean 24 hours now?
  7. He's been saying that for over a year now.... the guy is absolutely hooked on this site LOL

  8. We've been hearing that since 2004. Hasn't happened, probably won't happen